Saturday, August 27, 2011


The POSITIVELY RIDICULOUS Hat Review... with a twist!!!

As you know, it's not all about how loud the children sing during the program.  Yes, they have to be heard, but to help feel the spirit and get the message of the song across, we are going to work on some other areas.  So here's my idea:

I will choose a song that we need to review.  We will sing that song, and as they are singing, I will watch/judge each class on a category (I'll tell you the categories in a sec).  The best class gets to come pick a positively ridiculous hat for their teacher to wear for the next song.  Repeat.

So here's the songs we will be reviewing and the categories are next to them:
*I Will Follow God's Plan For Me - Which class is sitting up straight and folding arms
*I Love to See the Temple-Which class is smiling the most
*The Lord Gave Me a Temple-Which class is loudest (we need the most work on this song)
*Scripture Power-Which class is singing the most enthusiastically
*If I Listen With My Heart - Which class know the song with out the visual
*Praise to the Man - Which class is overall best in all categories

Like I said, I will be the "judge", but you can pick someone else to do it instead if you want.  If I think all classes did equally great, I will have my Primary President wear the hat!!!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Stay Ship Shape!

Ahoy! Matey!!! 
This post is obviously my mom's (she's usually the more elaborate singing lady).  This is to go along with this Sunday's sharing time -week 4 Aug- and to help practice the program songs!

What you need (either actual objects or paper print outs):
Pirate hat, Mop, Gold coins, Steering wheel, Scope/spy glass, sword, Hook, Crocodile, eye patch, message in bottle, pirate flag, parrot, treasure map, newspaper hat, broom, and soap.
Weew!  Don't worry you can customize the objects to what works for you.  So don't fill you have to have ALL these things!
So here's a pic of her objects:

 Each object has a saying with it and represents a song or a short fun activity to do.
Jolly Roger Hat:
Saying:  Cuss words should never cross your mind.
Sing:  Hum your favorite Hymn

The Mop:
Saying:  If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.
Short Game=Swab the deck:  2 kids, 2 brooms, 2 bars of soap.
Children have to sweep soap over line of tape down isle of Primary room

Gold Coins:
Saying:  Alma 39:14 Seek not after riches, nor the vain thing of the world, for behold you cannot carry them with you.
Sing:  Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

Pirate Ship Steering Wheel:
Saying:  When we feast upon the words of Christ contained in the Book of Mormon, they STEER us away from the things that matter least to the things that matter most.
Sing:  Scripture Power

Scope/Spy Glass:
Saying:  Keep the Savior in your SIGHT
Sing:  I love to see the Temple

Saying:  Be careful what you say, it may cut like a SWORD
Sing:  Praise to the Man (Sing praises to people instead of cutting them down)

Saying:  Don't get hooked on pornography
Sing:  If I Listen With my Heart
use crocodile's mouth the meter the volume of singing (Captain James Hook lost his hand to the croc)

Eye Patch:
Saying:  D&C 82:19 ...and doing all things with an eye single to the glory of God
Sing:  The Lord Gave me a Temple

Saying:  No FOWL language!!!
Sing while holding tongue:  Stand for the Right (sometimes your told to hold your tongue b/c it's in a slippery place)

Treasure Map:
Saying:  Alma 37:45 ...the words of Christ, if we follow their course, will carry us.. into a far better land of promise
Sing:  I will Follow God's Plan for Me

Message in bottle:
Saying:  Your words become your thought, your thoughts become your actions, your actions become your character and your character becomes your destiny.  It all starts with your words.
Short action:  Have them follow the actions to -see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Sing to tune of If you're happy and you know it...
If you're a pirate and you know it
Row your boat- row, row
Swab the deck- swish, swish
Walk the plank-stomp, stomp
Shout Ahoy! -ahoy with arm movement
If you're a pirate and you know it, then you'll hear the sea winds blowing, etc...

These hats are for the helpers to wear as they pick out an object. And the sticks are for the song Heroes of the Scriptures:  Walk the Blankity Blank Plank.  The stick (Plank) will have words to song and the kids will have to fill in the blank.

And of course a handout!!!  It's a small compass with a strip of paper that says, "North, South, East, or West, Following the SAVIOR is the best"!!!

President Monson's Birthday

Our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson's, birthday is the 21st of August (I won't tell you how old he is).  So to celebrate, we had a mini birthday party during Singing Time!!!  Wahoo!

You need:
A box
Wrapping paper
5-7 bows (it depends on how many songs you fit into singing time) 

optional:  Something to put inside the box to give the children

I put bookmarks inside my boxes (for Junior and for Senior), wrapped them with wrapping paper, and then wrapped them with 7 bows each.  Each bow was a different color or had a different width/sparkle to it.  We are practicing our program songs so each bow represented a song to sing.
So I picked one child from my choosing stick can to cut off a bow and that represented a song to sing.
I picked one more child and they got to put on a birthday party hat and stand in the front of the room and look through binoculars (to make sure everyone was singing their best). 

It turned out pretty fun even though I had to use a diaper box and when the kids opened the box they said, "Diapers"?!?!!!  Sheesh those kids are on top of it!  But they were happy they got to take home and keep a bookmark.

Being called

I remember when I was called as Primary Chorister....

My first thought was, "Um... don't you have to have kids and be like 40 to qualify to be in primary?"

The answer was no.

As I've found out, you don't even have to have any pre-requisites like choir experience or know how to lead music.

...and I still don't know how to properly lead by the way.

My point? 

If I can do it, you can, too!!!

And I absolutely love it!!!

My best advice?

Love the calling, the kids, and the music and you'll be just fine.