Friday, September 23, 2011

Go on a Mission

I LOVED this song when I was in Primary!!!  My mom is going to be singing this with her primary children this week to go along with Septembers theme (The Gospel Will be Preached in All the World).
It's called 'Go on a Mission" words and music by Pat Kelsey Graham.  It can be found in the Aug 1986 Friend or here It has a catchy tune and hopefully your children will LOVE it, too!!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I can't 'EAR' you!!!

I'm always so scared that my kids won't sing loud enough during the Primary Program!  We've practiced these songs all year long and I want them to do their best!  Of course I want them to sing not only loud but REVERENT.  So here is some ideas that have worked for me in the past years.  My kids always make me proud no matter what, but these have seemed to help ;)

*I have someone sit in the very back and hold this ear up when they need to be louder.  If they really need to turn up the volume, bounce the ear up and down.
{This ear was hand drawn on white foam board and then glued onto bright yellow poster board}

*Another idea involves 3 people to sit in the back.  The colors of poster board indicate their level of volume.  Red is way too soft, orange is medium, and green is their BEST.  I drew a star on the green so they remember which color they want to always be seeing while they are singing.

* One more idea is to use a helium balloon and raise it up as they are singing their best. 

Don't forget to remind them to sing reverently so they can invite the Spirit, smile, and sit reverently.

Do you worry about this too?  Leave a comment if you have any other helps!  Thanks!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

All {Eyes} On ME!!!

Do your primary children's EYES sometimes wonder when they should be looking at you? 
I know mine do. 
I make the motion for them to stand up, and only about half will stand up while the others are off in lala land ;) 

So here's a fun idea to help them watch you. 
Hold up "All eyes on me" sign before you are about to stand to sing.  Every time you do this, wear a new pair of glasses.
Hopefully it will help!!!! crossing fingers..not eyes :)

Is your Program "Dragon"?

Is your Primary Program "dragon" (dragging)? 
Here are some fun BREATHS that may help with the wiggles!!! Breathing is a very important part of singing. They are cub scout cheers modified for primary singing time.
Pull these different breaths out of the dragon mouth:
(Dragon was hand drawn on a poster board and we cut the mouth out with a razor blade)

Water Sprinkler Breath:   Put one hand behind head with elbow out and one arm outstretched in front of you.  Move outstretched arm in small increments across you.  While saying, "tchh tchh tchh"  (like a sprinkler). And swing the outstretched arm back saying, "wheeeeeee".

Watermelon Breath:
Pretend like you're holding a big slice in both hands and slurp up from one end of the watermelon to the other.  Then spit out the seeds, "puh puh puh".

Wolf Breath:
Hands cupped to mouth howling, "Wooooo".

Pig Breath:
Hold nose back like pig and say, "Suuueee".

Ferris Wheel Breath:
Circle hand up like a Ferris Wheel and then down (in a circle).  Saying, "Ooooooh" on the way up; and "Aaaaah", on the way down.

Food Breath:
Pat tummy saying, "Yum yum yum".

Owl Breath:
Pretend like you have wings and say, "whooo whoooo".

Seal Breath:
Put arms straight out together like flippers and say, "ort ort ort".

Bicycle Pump Breath:
Pump arms saying, "shis shis shis".

Sword Breath:
Pretend to have sword in hand saying, "Swish swish swish".

Witch Breath:
Saying in a "witchy" voice, "hee hee hee".

Gondolier Breath:
Make a motion as if pulling a stick (on a boat gondolier style) and sing out loud, "O, Sole Mio".

Moose Breath:
Place open hands by ears to form antlers and call, "ooooo-aaaaa-ooooo".

Motorboat Breath:
Flutter lips with finger.

Motorcycle Breath:
Hold onto handlebars, turn the gas handle back saying, "vvvrooooom vvvroooom".

Firework Breath:
Make fists out of both hands put them together and make sound of steam building (ssss).  Then yell, "POP", as hands and arms extend over head.

Dragon Breath:
Make claws out of hands and huff, "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww.... sizzle".

(credits can be given to our cousins wife-who also is a music chorister... yes, this calling runs in the family)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 11th

{Just a quick post}
Since tomorrow will be September 11th, we are going to sing the Star-Spangled Banner for our opening song and I'm going to lead with our flag (a small one, of course)!!!  I love our country and it is a day not to be forgotten...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

step right up to-The Greatest Show on Earth! The ___ ward's Primary Program

Step right up to -
The Greatest Show on Earth!!!
The (your ward #) ward's Primary Program!!!

I hope this post can help someone practice with their program!!!
This singing time has 2 parts to it.
Pass out a check off sheet to teachers.  Teachers (ticket masters) evaluate their own class.  Sheet must include: all songs to practice and 3 check boxes per song.  They get a check mark for the 3 categories: Reverence, appropriate volume, clearly singing correct words. (sorry this is the best pic I had of the sheet)
Balloon pop.  Have songs inside balloons.  Pick a child to pop one.  Sing all songs you want to practice while teachers mark their check boxes.  Each check mark=1ticket.

Picking names from sticks (or reverent helpers, or have teacher choose best singer) have child choose which activity they want to do and collect tickets from them.  Music leader chooses song.

Clown Alley - 3 tickets
Sing song of choice (music leader) and have primary presidency look for best singing class.  That teacher has to wear clown apparel for next song.

Duck pond - 3 tickets
Have 3 rubber ducks.  Child gets to choose 1 duck.  If they choose the duck with the x on the bottom, they get to pick how to sing song (stand on 1 foot, sing backwards, light out, etc).  If not, sing normal.
Tight Rope - 5 tickets
Have the child pick a paper strip on how to perform trick on rope (while singing song).  Tricks can include:  normal, sideways, backwards, one arms in air, toe to heel, etc. 
Pin the nose on the clown (Hot n Cold) - 3 tickets
Blindfold child.  Tell other children to sing loud when they are near where the nose should go and soft when they are far away.

Pass the Circus Ball - 3 tickets
Pass ball around while singing.  Have pianist stop music randomly.  The child with the ball has to say the next phrase of song.

Lion Tamer - 5 tickets
You need: a hula hoop with paper flames on it and 3 stuffed animals (lion, tiger and bear).   Pick 2 children.  One holds hula hoop while the other has to throw the animals through the hoop. The one holding the hoop can move it!  If all 3 go thru the hoop, child chooses way to sing song. 
Ex:  Sing like a monkey - oo ahah, lion - loud, turtle - slow, mouse - soft, rabbit - fast.

You can pass out animal crackers at the end if you want too :)

"Hole-y" punch-out board

Not a new idea...  but a classic!!! 
I made this punch out board from a 3-fold presentation board (don't have one?  Use the side of a large diaper box!). 
I cut off the sides and cut 6 holes that were different shapes.  To trace the holes I used a cup, a can, a cd, and masking tape.  And then colored around the holes to give it a little some-um some-um.
  Here's what else you may need:
Tissue paper, tape, sizzors, stapler, strips of paper, and ziploc bags

So this is how I made it:
First I taped tissue paper over the holes on the back.
Then I put a strip of paper (that had the song to sing) in a ziploc and then stapled the opened ziploc bag over the tissue paper. I had to slit the sides of the bag to make it fit..
Here's a shot of how pretty it is.... but not for long :)

I also have strips of paper I will put on the board for the children to choose.  After we punch out a song, we will choose a way to sing the song.
Good luck!!!  and I hope all is well for you and your up-coming program!!! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's ROCK-ET!!!

Let's Rock-et     (get it.. "rock it" meaning the primary program :)) 
{inspired by the crazy chorister}

Items you will need:
Moon Rock (tin foil crumpled up)
Paper planet (circle with paper rings around it)
Volume meter
Ball/globe/star object
helium star balloon
bubbles for each teacher

As you start music time, inform the primary that today you are their "Space Commander" (like simon says).  To practice standing up and sitting down, give commands like Space commander says, stand up or sit down.  Also throw in things to trick them like touch your nose or fold your arms (space commander didn't say..)

IILWMH- Polish up with Moon Rock.
Play Hot and Cold.  Hide moon rock and have child find it by listening to volume of other children singing.

I Will Follow God's Plan - Sa-TURN (the planet, Saturn)
Have a paper planet with rings.  Rings= to choose whose "turn" it is to sing.
ex:  Boys turn, girls turn, teachers turn, wearing black shoes turn, have brown eyes turn etc.

Stand For the Right- Rocket Speed
Use volume/singing meter to control speed of song.  Fast=rocket speed

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus -
Pass globe/ball/star object around while singing.  Have pianist stop randomly-the child holding ball must say the next word-or favorite story of Jesus.

Praise to the Man-
Have helium balloon as singing meter.  Let balloon rise up for louder and pull balloon down for softer.

Heroes of the Scriptures- fill in the spaces and build a rocket

Scripture Power - Meteor shower!!!
Have each teacher blow bubbles as children sing. 

You can also add in some breathing and stretch activities if they get too wiggly:

Astronaut Breath -
Remind children that breathing is very important for singing.  Give each child a rocket straw and have them blow the rocket off as far as they can on the count down  3...2...1
Use straw as conducting stick to lead.
 instructions:  Fold paper in 4th's.  Cut.  Fold strip in half.  Point top.  Tape side. Fray bottom.  Put on straw.

Stretch activities:

-Inside a rocket ship-(arms up above head and hands together like rocket)
Count down 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3..2...1 blast off! (jump up into air)

Bend and Stretch
Reach for the Stars
There goes Jupiter there goes Mars
Bend and stretch, reach for the sky.
Stand on tippy-toe, oh so high!
(make up actions to words)

Remind children about doing a STAR Performance on their parts
S- Smile
T- Talk clearly and slowly
A- Always keep your hands down away from mouth
R- Remember your part

Hand out:
H20 Rocket fuel.  (small bottled water)