Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkins, Skeletons, and Stew

Both our wards are having Stake Conference this week, but we thought we would post some other Halloween ideas that we've done in the past for you!!!

Pick a Pumpkin from the Pumpkin patch! You can have paper pumpkins or real ones!  Put songs on the back.
Build a Jack-o-Lantern!!!  Have a round orange piece of paper and let your kids pick pieces to put on as the eyes, nose, mouth, stem, leaves.  Get creative with your pieces!!! Put a song on the back of each piece.

Put Brother Bones' bones together!!!  See if children can put them in the right place :)  Have a song to sing on each bone.
Halloween Stew.  Choose a child to suck up ingredient of the stew with the straw and put it in the pot.  Have a song to sing on the back! 

Halloween Pop Liter throw. 
Get some Root-Beer and Orange Soda (3 each) and place them like you would bowling pins (I put Halloween scrapbook paper around them to make them cute).  Put a number on the top of each lid (the number represents a song to sing).  Choose a child to throw a ring around a pop.  I let each child get 3 chances and for Junior I let them stand a little closer to throw. 
Don't have any rings?  -I used paper plates and cut out the middle!  It worked great!

Trick or Treat Favorite.
Yum...  I loved this one.  Get various kinds of candy and lay them out on a table.  Put a song on each type of candy.  Let a child pick their favorite kind of candy and sing song!!!

Any other great ideas that you've loved for Halloween?  We would love to hear about it!!!

HaPpY HaLLoWeen!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

If you LOVE Halloween and know it...

Tune to If You're Happy and You Know It...

If you're a ghost and you know it just say BOO.
If you're a ghost and you know it and you really want to show it
If you're a ghost and you know it just say BOO.

If you're a black cat and you know it say Me-ow

If you're a skeleton and you know it wiggle your bones (shake body)

If you're a monster and you know it say ROAR!

If you're a witch and you know it say hee hee hee

This is just a fun spin for Halloween.  Use if you think it works for your Primary!!!

Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins.  This was inspired by the popular game, Angry Birds.  This is how you do it for Primary:
Turn table on its back and tie an elastic around two legs.  Choose 2 children to come shoot the papers; each have a song to sing written on it.  Whose ever paper goes farther is the song to sing.  The other child gets to answer a Halloween question. 
Examples of Halloween questions:
What's your favorite thing about Halloween?
What are you going to be for Halloween?
What's your favorite candy when you go Trick or Treating? etc.

This is how you make the papers.  Cut a piece of paper 5"x11.5" and measure 1.5" folds.
Fold the paper all the way down and then fold it in half.  Draw or glue a simple Halloween character.

Pass out a piece of paper at the end of Singing Time so that the kids can do it with their family!

Pumpkin guts

Cut out the insides of a pumpkin (the guts).  Replace them with strips of paper with the song to sing.  Choose reverent child to pick song. 
I will also have black and orange balloons push-pinned on a board with ways to sing the chosen song:
The Bat:  Flap arms like bat wings
The Mummy:  Put both arms straight out in front of you and rock back and forth on straight legs
The Werewolf: Make claws out of your fingers and move hands from side to side (like the Thriller dance)
The Witch:  Stir a pretend cauldron
The Child:  Rub stomach like you ate too much candy
The Skeleton:  Shake your bones!!!
The Vampire:  Turn out lights, touch ear to shoulder like your neck is going to be bit, and make fangs with fingers

Friday, October 14, 2011


Why are there no Halloween songs for Primary?!?!?

Well, here's one for ya.

It comes from the Children's Friend (we couldn't find the year/mo.-sorry).  Words and Music by Janice O. Betts.

Just hanging out with your favorite songs

{Witch Laundry}

yehehehehe (witch cackle). 

Time to get out the laundry and freshen it up in time for Halloween!!!

Pick a child to choose a piece of laundry from the cauldron.   Each piece will represent a Primary song to sing.  After they have chosen a piece from the cauldron, have them hang it up on a clothes line.

For the closing song, we will sing The Holy Ghost.  Explain to your children that The Holy Ghost sometimes helps to answer our prayers.  And the handout is white chocolate ghost pretzels.

This cute Halloween poem will be attached ;)

Since this is the time for goblins and bats,
Halloween parties and ghost and cats,
Weird costumes and strange masks too,
These are the things I wish for you-
May the only ghost that comes to stay,
Be the Holy Ghost to guide your way.
May the only spirits you chance to meet,
Be the spirits of love and warm friends sweet.
These are the Halloween wishes for you!

Pick your Potion

{Pick your Potion}

I will set up these potions on the table and each will have a song attached to it. 


I like easy :)

I will also have a helper who gets to wear a witches hat.  If the children are singing too soft the "witch" will stand up tall.  But if the children are singing their best the "witch" will melt to the ground.  I hope it's fun!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Prophets and Prayer

October's Monthly Message: Prayer is a Reverent Communication between God and Me.
...prayer is a reverent communication between God and me... hmmmm...
and I then thought about it some more..... hmmmm.  What can I do for Singing Time about Prayer?...
I honestly just want to do Halloween all month :)  The first Sunday of the month always seems to be the hardest for me...

And then it came to me (light bulb!)

I have different pictures of Prophets' faces.  I will have one child pick a prophet and I will tell the story of that prophet involving prayer. 

Nephi-I will tell the story of when he was tied up on the BOAT and he prayed unto the Lord.  Song: Nephi's Courage.

Noah- prayed/communed with God to build the ARK.  Sing: A Child's Prayer

Brother of Jarrod- prayed to God to give him Light.  Song: Teach Me to Walk in the Light
Jonah- prayed to get out of the belly of the whale. Song: Follow the Prophet

I'm going to let the child that picked the prophet hold it in front of their face. 
I will also have one child pick how we will sing the song:
These are all ways to help them learn how we should pray.

p.s. I picked stories about boats because Monday is Columbus Day!!!

The Program's over. WITCH songs do we sing next?

We are still here.  Don't panic.  We were just enjoying the break this past Conference Sunday :)

This Singing Time takes 2 Sundays...
On Sunday pass out colored strips of paper to children and let them write their favorite song on it.  Collect strips.
Bring strips home and attach them to witch's hair by making links.
The next Sunday, bring your "special visitor", Sister Green.
Choose a child to pick one of her colored hair links and sing that song!!!

Meet, Sister Green: 

She was hand drawn, colored with chalk and laminated.  Black strips of paper are rolled into chain links and then stapled.