Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Before Sunday, you will need to:
make 3 identical squirrel cups
Crack 6 walnuts open and put a primary favorite song inside-then glue the nut back together

On Sunday, put the squirrel cups on a table.  Under one cup place a walnut (let the children see you so this).  Then try to confuse the children by changing places of the cups as quickly as you can.  Choose a child to guess which cup has the nut.  If they guess right, let them crack the nut open with a hammer and sing that song.  If they guess wrong, you get to pick the song! 
I'm planning on drawing a Reverence Tree on the chalk board and sticking leaves on it.  The leaves will have a song on the back.  If they guess wrong, I will choose a reverent song from the tree!

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Let's get Personal

Personal: meaning Personal organization. 

And yes, this post is more "personal"  because -warning- you may see parts of my messy house :)

I know just as well as the next chorister that this calling can take over your house. 
Soon after I was called, I found that behind my doors, under my bed, and any empty space in my 1000 square foot dulex was now being occupied. 
So my point?  If I can be organized you CAN too!!!  Wahoo! 
Here are some tips that hopefully you can use, to help get organized.

Here is my monthly calendar.  Fancy, right?  No.  It's just the basics.  It has the month and the monthly message and song at the top.  This is so that I am reminded to incorporate those during singing time for the month.  It also lists the Sunday's date for that month. Under each Sunday, I write my ideas/activities and sometimes the songs that I want to sing.  I usually plan out 2-3 months of these at a time so that I don't have to scram and freak out every Saturday night-wondering what I'm going to do :)  But sometimes I still do that...
   This is my Sunday bag.  Not so fancy either.  It's a reusable grocery bag from Wal-mart. 
These are the things I carry in it EVERY Sunday:
I always bring these in case I need to make up extra time or to help get some wiggles out.  I have my stop and go signs, Hum, Sing, Clap, Loo Loo Signs, Captain Moroni to play hot and cold, ways to sing cards from divinesecretsfromaprimarychorister, my CS, and blue sticky tack (you never know when you need it).  Blue sticky tack is like duck tape for Primary.  You use it for everything. 

This is my outline I make for me and my pianist every week.  I have the opening exercise and singing time songs for the day.  Again, not too fancy and don't make fun of my awesome handwriting :)
This is how I organize my paper visuals (mostly from JollyJenn).  I put them in a tub (similar to a file cabinet)  I have each song in a file folder and a bigger green folder.
 When I'm choosing my songs for Sunday, I just take the colored file folder.  When I'm putting them back, I know where they go alphabetically because of the green folder.
 And all the rest go -you guessed it- either behind my doors or under my bed.
 You can leave them in the Primary closet if you want, but I like to have them at home for when I'm planning stuff.  So how do I transport my posters?
In a custom made bag!!!  The sweet chorister before me gave this to me!  If you want measurements let me know!  I have to carry in  my Sunday bag, diaper bag, poster bag, any other Primary stuff, and my baby boy-so this come in HANDY when coming into church!!!

Besides all that, I have a box with nic nac misc stuff for Primary.

And... this is what it looks like in my husband's small office :) 
Yes.  It has it's own little dedicated corner.  awwww..

I Heart Primary Music!!!

It's SWEET to have a Birthday

This is an idea to switch things up from the birthday candles.
Who doesn't love cupcakes?

These were a little bit harder to make though.  I'll be honest.

If you are adventurous and want to make some for your Primary, this is what we did:
We used spray adhesive to stick wrapping paper to poster board for the bottom (be careful-that stuff is sticky!).  And the top is just a colorful poster board with glitter, more paper, or permanent marker.  We then used the adhesive to stick the top and bottom together (the top overlapping the bottom).  Have fun-you can make all sorts of delicious looking cupcakes!!!

The Amazing Blazing Birthday Candles

These Amazing Blazing Birthday Candles were made from poster boards.  The top yellow part was cut in the middle for the birthday children to stick their faces in.  They love it and the teachers like it too :)


The first time I used this visual for Faith, my children hardly sang because they were so amused by the "special effects".  -So I'm just warning you :)  They loved how the visuals pop up from the pocket.

This visual was made from the idea here from singingtimeideas.blogspot.com.  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!  Thanks!

The Chapel Doors

I made this by using orange poster board and I drew the 2 chapels.  The rest of the visuals came from jollyjenn.  The first chapel doors open and say, "Shhhh, be still".  So I open those when we sing that part.  And at the end of the song when it says, "So when we come through the chapel doors, shhhh be still", I pull the children towards the doors and the end of the paper says, "Shhhh be still". 

I hope that made sense!!! If not, email me or comment and I will be happy to help explain it better :)


Stand For the Right

Our Primary Colors

Choose the Right Way

This was made from 2 poster boards; a yellow and light blue one.  The visuals are from jollyjenn!

Scripture Power

The yellow background is poster board cut in half and the visuals are from www.sugardoodle.net

Keep the Commandments


The grey background is a poster board folded in half and then I glued some corresponding pictures!

Missing Word

Here's an idea to use during Thanksgiving time.  Choose a child who is up for a challenge!  They put on the Thanksgiving headband, and one word from a song is paper clipped to the front.  While the other children are singing the song they must not sing the word on the headband.  Let the child guess the missing word!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Shoot

What you will need for this singing time:
6 balloons
6 paper turkeys
3 bean bags

Write a song on each turkey.  Line up the 6 turkeys on a table.  Let a child come and knock one of the turkeys off the table and sing that song! 

 For the handout I'm going to pass out cookie turkey's.
They are made from oreo's (store brand), whoppers, red hots, and candy corns.  All the attachments are made with frosting.  The saying that was handed out with them said, "Reverence is a "filling" I get when I think of my blessings". -from the song Reverence is Love.

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PLUCKY the Turkey

All you need for this singing time is a paper Turkey!!!  That's it!
Write a song on each feather and let a child PLUCK a feather and then say something they are thankful for.  Then sing away!!!

Fill the Cornucopia

The picture below was copied from the Nov. 1998 Friend... and then we lost the magazine!  Does anyone know how the get the visuals/art from old Friends?

 Anyways, here is an idea for singing time.  Cut out the pieces and stick them on the board.  Write songs on the back of the each blessing.  Let a child choose a blessing and stick it in the cornucopia!!


Have letters that spell 'Thanksgiving' and put them around the room. On the back of each letter, write a song.  Let a child choose a letter and put it on the board.  Then sing the song.  Have the children see if they can put the word together!!!

-Side note- my children are incredibly smart.. even my Junior Primary.  I swear sometimes they are smarter than me..... seriously.  I did this same idea for Easter and they knew what the word was on the second letter!  So if you wanted to make this harder, spell the word Gracias, Merci, or Blessings.  Good luck!

I am GLAD for MANY things!

What a wonderful time of year!!!  To remember all our blessings from our Heavenly Father!!!

This is an activity you can do for singing time while singing the song, I am Glad for Many Things CS151.
While you are singing, pass around a bag full of different blessings.  When the song stops, let the child holding the bag pick out a blessing and tell everyone what it is.  Here are some examples of what you can fill the bag with.
Just write the word or have small pictures...
Jesus, Heavenly Father, Food, Family, Clothes, Pets, Temples, Friends, Home, Water, Flowers, Holy Ghost, etc.

Carve that Turkey

Here's a short and fun song to sing for Thanksgiving time!!!  You need to choose 2 children, boy or girl, to come up and help you.
Sing to the tune of Brother John (Frere Jacques).

Carve that Turkey
Carve that Turkey
Brother (last name of child)
Sister (last name of child)
First you say the blessing
Then you eat the dressing
Won't be long
Won't be long

Have the 2 children pretend to carve a turkey and eat it!!!

Leafy Ways to Sing

Leafy Ways to Sing!!!
 Materials you will need:  A shoe organizer, different objects to fill the shoe pockets, and paper leaves

We are posting this idea this week because it actually takes 2 Sunday's... in case you were wondering why it's not about Thanksgiving :)  So if you are a plan-ahead person you could use this idea for next week!
The first Sunday, pass out to each child a paper leaf.  Each child writes their favorite song on the leaf and hands it back to you.
At home, put the leaves in the pockets along with an object.  (If you have more children than there are pockets, put more than one leaf in a pocket and let them choose which song to sing).  Then on Sunday let a child come and pick a pocket.  Sing that song and do the action!!!

Here are the different things we put in the pockets and the corresponding actions to do while you sing:
Flashlight-Turn the lights off
Slinky-Stretch the slinky to sing loud or soft
Tissues-Plug your nose
Pointer-Child leads music
Picture of Friends-Turn and sing to a friend
Cap-Sing without the piano
Turtle-Sing slow
Racecar-Sing Fast
Ball-2 children toss the ball back and forth and every time they drop it, start the song over!
Bumble Bee-Hum
Whistle-whistle (...how original :))
Teeth-Sing with a smile or teeth clenched
Glue stick-pretend to glue a part of your body and stick it. ex: glue hand to head or your elbows together!
Microphone-Sing with 2 friends
Sun glasess-Sing with eyes closed
Egg Shakers-Sing staccato
Skunk-Plug nose
Flamingo-Stand on one foot

Get creative!!! All these things were found around the house!!!  and have fun!!!

This idea is a spin off of primarysingingtimeideas.blogspot.com.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Friday is Veterans Day, so we will be singing Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies for our opening song!  Thanks to all who have, and do now, serve our country!!!

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While teaching/singing about reverence, it can be hard to keep your children reverent.

...especially the Sunbeams. All 12 of them.

yes, 12.

So here are some tips that may help:

*The popular, 'If you can hear me... touch your nose'.  Touch your ears, your head, etc.  All while speaking softer each time so that you are whispering by the time all the children are following you.

I like to switch it up and say, "If you can hear me, show me your:
Book of Mormon hands (put hands together like a book)
Prayer hands (put hands palm to palm)
Steeple hands (touch tips of fingers together to make a steeple)
Lamanite hands (like BOM Stories put feathers on back of head with one hand in front of you)
Reverence arms (fold arms)
You can make up as many as you'd like.

*I have over 100 kids in my primary, as does my mom, so I ALWAYS use the microphone. Always.  It helps so much to grab their attention because I was gifted with a really soft voice. :)

*Saying shhhh with your finger to your lips (of course in the microphone) and waiting for the room to be silent helps sometimes. 
But only sometimes.
"Zip it" helps sometimes too.  (zip your lips closed)

*Have a rainstorm. Turn off lights. 
Rub palms together
Snap fingers
Pat legs
Tap toes
Stomp feet and pat legs
and then do this in reverse order.

*Play Simon says or Sister ______ says.
I like to play the sky says when they are really wiggly or at the beginning of singing time
The sky says:
Twirl like a tornado
Clap like Thunder
Fingers fall like rain
Float up on toes like a cloud
Sway like the wind

*When I pick a choosing stick I say, "let me see if this person is being reverent..."  And I look all around the room and wait until everyone is quiet.  If the child is not being reverent I go stand right in front of them.

*My teachers are awesome, they help out so much to create a reverent environment.  I always make sure to thank them after each singing time.  I say something like, "Don't forget to thank your teachers for the hard work they put into teaching a lesson for you.  And thank you teachers, for your help with the kids during singing time.  I appreciate when you sing and participate as well".  Always give praise so that they feel they are doing great and are willing to participate. 

*Start singing time with a wiggle song.
Choose a child to be the follower for Do as I'm Doing.
Sing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes Backwards.

*Have a bag full of real candy gummy worms.  Each worm 'makes' you do different wiggle activities
Eat a gummy worm and say, "this worm is making me twirl"!!!  Have children twirl with you.
Stretch worm
Deep breath worm
Jumping worm
Reverence Worm

*Display a picture of Jesus

The magic colors of Autumn

This idea was adapted to suit Autumn time.  

Items you will need:
Water, baking soda, spoons, food coloring, vinegar, a cookie sheet, and 6 cups.  And different colored leaves.

Stick different colored leaves on the chalk board.  Each leaf has a song to sing on the back
Put 2 drops of food coloring on each spoon.  Over the food coloring place baking soda (you want the baking soda to hide the food coloring).  Put water in each cup -except in one, put vinegar.  Choose a child to pick a spoon and let them choose a cup to stir it in.  Whatever color the water turns pick that color of leaf.  If they choose the vinegar cup, let them pick their favorite song to sing! 
Colors: Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange.
Have fun!!!

Leaves are falling all around

Leaves are falling all around,
On the housetops, on the ground.
Leaves are falling on my nose,
On my head and hands and toes.
(Rain is falling all Around CS 241 b)

This Sunday we are celebrating Fall!!!  So I will draw a tree on the chalk board and stick leaves on it.  I will choose a child (I pick from sticks) and they get to choose a leaf.  On the back of each leaf is a song to sing.  After we sing the song, we will stick the leaf on the ground (on the bottom of the chalk board).
If my kids (yes, MY kids :)) are getting too rowdy, I will pull out my little wood turkey and we will play hide the turkey while we sing.  Just like the game Hot and Cold!

Don't make fun of my magnificent chalk drawing job.   
I swear this tree does not represent my art capabilities. 

Children All Over The World

My mom has had these visuals F.O.R.E.V.E.R.


I remember them from when I was in Primary!  So I thought I would share so that anyone who is feeling ambitious could copy these and make their own.   I love how visuals can help children remember a song.. even when they are "old".  These are the different ways to say thank you all over the world for the song Children All Over The World.  It's a fun song to sing during Thanksgiving time and the children love to put their faces in them!!! 
So thank you, gracias, malo, tak (however you say it) for coming and checking out our blog today!!!
They are made on poster board and colored with crayons and markers!