Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All You Need to Know...

All you need to know, you learned from Primary Music!!!

          You lived in heaven,
Families can be together FOREVER,
Pray He is there-Speak He is listening,
Reverence is more than just quietly sitting,
I BELONG to the Church of Jesus Christ
           of Latter Day Saints,
       Bring the World His Truth,
   I’ll be a Sunbeam for Him      
         Love One Another,
       The Temple  is a Holy Place
where we are sealed together, have Faith,
     You want your life to be clean
          and live with God again,
        Search, Ponder and Pray,
        Follow the Prophet,
           Give, Oh, Give
    Keep the Commandments,
Be like the Wise Man, GO and DO as the
Lord Commands, The Scriptures have POWER,
          My body is a Temple
Stand for the Right, Saturday is a special day,
   Once there was a Snowman,
       And you are all made of Hinges..
But most importantly, you are a CHILD of GOD
      And Heavenly Father Loves YOU!

For the PDF of this original poem by my mom and I, click here :)

When writing this poem we honestly felt that this was all the children needed to know and remember throughout their life.  As music leaders we also need to always remember these simple truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Young or old, we need to live the basic gospel principles and remember that we are LOVED.
We all need help and support from others along our path of life.  Many other bloggers have helped us along our way as being Music Leaders.    Just a spark of inspiration can go a long way and help lift us up for the next weeks adventures!  Here is a list of our favorite primary blogs that have helped us along our road:

Feel free to comment below this post if you have any other blogs that you like to look at for primary music inspiration!!!

and ooooooone last blog..... 


It might save you some time and confusion...

See you there!!!

~iheartprimarymusic (truly and always)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Primary Music is AW-some!!!

 It really is, isn't it??? 

Primary Music.


This is another fun way to review the program songs.  You will need an empty A&W Root Beer box and small objects representing the Program Songs to go inside.  Call up a child to stick their arm in the A&W box and pull out one object.  See if they can guess what song that object represents and then sing that song!

Here are some examples of objects and corresponding songs:
Light Bulb: As a Child of God
CTR Ring: Choose the Right
Bee:  Stand for the Right
Picture of Jesus:  I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
Small Umbrella:  When I am Baptised
Toy Sword:  Nephi's Courage
Rock:  The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Have fun letting them guess which song the object is representing!!!

***And don't forget to look at the other posts from this week!!!

Thank you for the SWEET comments from last week!!!  We LOVE hearing that these ideas are being used in your primary singing times!!!!

Pick Me, Pick Me!!!

 This is a perfect singing time when reviewing for the program!!!

Have an assortment of fruit and vegetables from the garden (or pictures) and display them on the table.  Let a child come and PICK one.  Each fruit/veggie represents a way to sing to help us prepare for the program.  Click here for the PDF of the different fruits and veggies and what they represent when chosen.   

This idea was inspired by Primary Partners Singing Fun; I am a Child of God.

Brownie Points

Brownie Points
This a great way to have your children practice their best for the Program.  Have all the songs you want to sing picked out.  Tell your children that depending on how good they sing the songs, they will get some brownie points.

So if they sing OK, put 1 paper brownie on the cookie sheet, 2 brownies if they sing pretty good, and 3 if they sing their absolute best.

At the end, hand out brownies to eat!!!  Or you could wait until after the program to have a brownie party!!!

(we got our brownie image from here )

Primary Zoo

Do you ever feel like singing time reminds you of a ZOO?!??  lol...

Seriously, it does to me sometimes, too.

...and my house.
 Here is a great singing activity to help get your children's wiggles out!  Print some animals off of google images (clipart), cut out, laminate, and stick on a Popsicle Stick.
I put them in a cup (animal side of stick sticking out the top of the cup) and then cover them with a bird cage.  I choose a reverent child to reach in and grab 2 animals from the zoo.  As soon as they do we shut the cage again quickly to not let the other animals out!  Choose a song to sing and while you all sing, let that child switch off holding up an animal (one animal at a time is held up).  Whatever animal is being held up is the action you all do while singing!!!  Soooooo FUN!!!!

Here are some examples of animals and actions:
Owl - Make glasses with your hands and put them to your eyes
Alligator - Clap your hands together with your arms straight out (chomp, chomp)
Monkey - Sway arms above the air
Mouse - Make whiskers with your fingers
Penguin - Walk in place like a penguin (rock back and forth with straight arms and legs)
Turtle - Sing Slow
Giraffe - Sit up Tall, tall, tall!
Elephant - Make a truck with one arm and wave in up and down from your nose
Kangaroo - Jump up and down in place

Singing in Style

Here is an awesome kindergarten blog that has a post on styles of singing.  It's called  Click here for her CUTE visuals!!!

These cards are great to use when singing the program songs over, and over, and OVER

...times 100. 

Just print, cut out, laminate, and wallah!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


August Week 1:  Having Good Friends will Help me Choose the Right.

Here are a few ideas we have come up with involving Friend"SHIP"...

~For this singing time you will need to print this hand out (click here and here).  Cut out each friend saying and attach them with blue sticky tack to a ship (drawn on poster board).  These Friendship sayings are from the Standard Examiner July 5,1989.

On 8 of the friend sayings, write a song title on the back and on 3 of them write "game".  The rest leave blank on the back.

Call up a child to choose a friend saying.  If they choose a blank one have them just read the words at the bottom.  If they choose one with a song, read the saying at the bottom then sing that song.  If they choose one that says "game" on the back, play one of these 3 games:
1 - I'm Your Friend -
Instructions:  One child sits in a chair with his/her back to the group, with eyes closed and hands covering eyes.  Someone from the group tiptoes up to the chair, taps the child sitting in it on the back, and in a disguised or funny voice says, "Do you know me? I'm you're friend."  The mystery child then rejoins the group and the guessing begins!  The child in the chair uncovers his/her eyes, turns around, and tries to guess the name of the friend who tapped and talked.  After 3 guesses, a new child takes the chair and gets a turn.
2 - Who's missing -
Instructions:  Choose one child who will turn around and close his/her eyes.  The music leader picks a child from their class to hide behind the piano.  The child in the front then turns around and tries to guess who is missing from their class.  Then pick another child from a different class and begin the game again.
3 - Captain Says -
Instructions:  Play this just like "Simon Says", but instead, Captain says.  Let the child who is chosen wear a captains hat!

~Here's another idea:
Print 10 of these ships and on each write one letter from the word FRIENDSHIP.  Place them around the room and let the children pick one at a time.  For each one chosen, sing and song.  At the end of singing time, see if they can spell the word Friendship!

The PDF for this ship is found here.

~ Here is a fun poem that could be read before your Friend"SHIP" singing time.  The PDF is here
 and here is a fun handout to pass out at the end to take home for FHE.  It's a fun wheel of Friendship! click here for the PDF.
~and OOOOOONE last thing.
Here is another cute handout to give your children at the end of singing time.  Attach it to a life saver and they will LOVE it... and you... trust us ;)
Click here if you want the PDF to print a bunch!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for the kind comments this week!!!!  Keep them coming and good luck with your primary this week.  Hang in there!!!


p.s.  We want to thank Sofia for highlighting us on her blog!!!  She as well has a great blog for singing time, sharing time, and FHE ideas.  She is a great resource!  Check out her blog!!!

Chews. Choose. Same thing...

 August:  I CHOOSE to Fill My Life with Things that invite the Spirit.
Week 1:  Having good friends will help me CHOOSE the Right.

If you have never seen the idea Billy Bubble gum, you. are. in. for. a. TREAT!!!  (we first saw it here)
My kids love absolutely go bananas when we pull him out.  I seriously have never seen my kids want to come up and sit around me when we are singing except for when Billy comes out.

...and I have 35 kids in each singing time.

I know... it's kinda crazy
I made Billy on a piece of foam board.  Colored him with paint and outlined with permanent marker.  A hole was cut for the mouth with an exacto knife.  You will need a balloon pump (at dollar store).  Put a ballon through the mouth hole and pump the balloon pump from behind.  
So the point of Billy Bubblegum is to make the children sing their best.  The better they sing the bigger the balloon.  See if you can make it POP!!!

Another idea we had was to use an old Double Bubble Bubblegum container and cut out the mouth.  Put peices of bubble gum in it with a song attached and let a child chews/choose one.  And they get to keep the piece of gum! (of course they can't chew it until after church).

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Olympic Review

Tell your children that you are having your own Primary Singing time Olympics!!!

Write these events on different pieces of paper and tape them onto the chalkboard.  Call on a child to come up and choose an event!  Here are the events for our review:

High Jump, Shot Put, Volleyball, Javelin, Archery, Discus, High Dive, Pass the Torch and Olympic Ring Toss.

High Jump -
Put song titles on small squares of paper and stack them high on the wall (blue sticky tape).  Have a child jump as high as they can and grab the song!!!

Shot Put -
Put numbers representing songs (or song titles) in the bottom of a muffin tin.  Let a child stand from a line and see if they can toss a cotton ball (ahem... I mean, shot put) into one!!!

Volley Ball -
Choose a song that needs reviewing and while you sing, see if your children can keep the balloon in the air.  Let them toss it around to each other (they MUST stay in their seat!).

Javelin -
Straw = javelin :)

Put down some tape lines on the floor and write different ways to sing on them.  Let the child who chose "Javelin" from the blackboard throw the straw (javelin).  Which ever line is below the straw, is the way to sing.  Choose a song that needs reviewing or a fun song!

Discus - 
This is the same thing as the javelin but with a paper plate "discus"!!!  Have fun!

Archery -
For this event you will need paper plates, string to hang them, tape, and rubber bands.
The child will get 3 chances to shoot a rubber band and hit a paper plate target.  On each target is an action to do while you sing.
Here are some examples:
Swimming - move arms like swimming forward
Running - Run in place
Rowing - row like your in a kayak
Jumping - jump up and down
Kicking - kick your foot like you are kicking a soccer ball
Tae Kwan Do - move arms like karate moves (facial expressions are optional :))

 High Diving -
Let a child stand from a chair and try to drop a clothes pin into a bottle.  Number each clothes pin and the one that goes in the bottle is the song to sing!

Pass the Torch -
Choose a song that needs reviewing and let the children pass the Olympic Torch around as you sing.  Make sure every child gets a chance to touch it!  You could have the pianist stop at random and the child holding the torch must say the next phrase to the song...then, continue on.
This torch was made from a paper towel tube and tissue paper.
***(The Olympic Flame is lighted by the Olympic torch during the opening ceremonies.  The flame is a symbol of peace.  Thousands of relay runners from many countries carry it to the stadium of the city hosting the games.  The flame is passed by hand from one runner to the next.)

Olympic Ring Toss -
Set out pop bottles and on each have a song to sing.  Hand the child the colored rings and let them try to make a ring around one of them.  The one they get is the song you sing!!!

 If you want to make your own, here is a picture of a simple ring toss to make.  It's made from paper plates and paper towel tubes.  For the rings, cut out the inside of the paper plate and color them with markers.  And for the other part, cut a small hole in a paper plate and stick the paper towel tube in it.  Secure with tape.

***"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle..." - Pierre de Coubertin

Thanks to all the wonderful comments that were left this past week!!!  We are so glad you are using these ideas and adapting them for your own Primary!!!


Go for the Gold (fish)

If you're FISHING for ideas to incorporate the Summer Olympics, here is a fun idea:

For this singing time you will need 6-8 cups with different colored water in each and some ping pong balls.  Tape a picture of a goldfish on the front of each cup.  Or if you're adventuresome, buy some REAL goldfish!!!

Call on a child during your singing time and hand them 3 ping pong balls.  Let them try to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup.  Each color represents a song to sing!

You can hand out goldfish crackers at the end, if you want!!!  

Chews to Sing

Chews a reverent child to come up and pick a flavor of bubble gum.  Have a song title or number on the back of each piece representing a song to sing.  (I know I spelled the wrong "chews" :))

This bubble gum machine was hand drawn on poster board and colored with markers, then laminated.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pioneer Day Possibilities

Pioneer Day is coming up!!!

Here are some ideas that we have used throughout the years!  (Don't get scared, but there's A LOT)

Bonnets and Hats -
Put up a clothes line of different pioneer hats, bonnets, or clothing.  Let a child come and pick one and then sing a song!

Pioneer Pack the Wagon -
Set different essentials that the pioneers may have needed for their journey on a table.  Let a child come and choose one item and put it in the wagon.  Sing a song for each item packed.
(You could also unpack the wagon and tell the children what things they may have used.)

Here is a picture of the bones :) if you wanted to make a wagon for your primary!  We used a radio flyer wagon, pipes, strapping tape, and a white sheet.

 Here come the Oxen -

 All you need for to make these are brown paper sacks!  Cute holes for the eyes, cut out the neck (on the bottom), and slits for the ears.  Let the children take turns being the oxen while you all sing!

Barrel of Beans -

Pour some beans in a barrel and hide different pioneer objects in them.  Choose different children to come and find an object, then sing a song.

Here are some examples of objects and songs that you could use:
Snake -  "Pioneer" Fun to Do (found here)
Candle - Come, Come ye Saints
Rock - The Oxcart
Pioneer doll - Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked
Cow - To be a Pioneer
Covered Wagon - Covered Wagons

Don't worry, you can still use this idea if you don't have a barrel!  Just use a bucket!

Buffalo Bowling -
 Tape a picture of a buffalo on the front of 6-8 pop bottles.  Pick one child to come up and use a ball to knock the "pins" down.
You can either set them up like regular bowling pins (in a V) and let the number of how many pins they knock down represent how they sing the song (ideas found here).  Or you can put the pins in a straight line and which ever one that gets knocked down is the song to sing (put a number on the lid).

Pioneer Pockets -
This is a fun pioneer memory singing time game!  Cut out 12 jean pockets and on the front put a picture of a pioneer and a number.  The idea of the matching game is to match the picture of the thing the pioneer used, to the picture of what we use today.  We found our images from Google images - or you could just write the words instead of having pictures.

For example:
Cooking over a fire - Cooking on a stove/in oven
Playing with sticks and stones - Playing with balls and bats
Riding in a handcart - Riding in a car
Growing your own food - Shopping at the grocery store
Using a lantern - Using a lamp (with electricity)
Sewing with a needle and thread - Sewing with a sewing machine
Using a washboard and tin bucket - Using a washing machine and dryer to do laundry

So have them try to match the old to the new and sing a song!

Cowboy Boots -
This is a quick and easy pioneer singing time (how I like it sometimes).  Get an old pair of cowboy boots and put song titles in them.  Let a child come up and pick a song!

Pioneer Trek -
This idea isn't new but here is how we used this idea:

Draw an outline of the United States and draw a line mapping the pioneers journey.  Move a paper handcart to each X (you will need 7 stops).  For each stop you will read a paragraph on a card...

So here is what I made up for my primary.  Feel free to use the same thing or modify it for your primary ;)
Tell your children you are going on a Pioneer trek, just like the Pioneers did!
Stop 1 -We are following the Prophet, Brigham Youngs', revelation to move westward.  We've packed our things into our handcart and we're ready to go!  Tie up the oxen and let's get pushing! (sing Follow the Prophet).
Stop 2 - The pioneers traveled 10-15 miles per day while crossing the prairies and about half as many crossing the rocky mountains.  A lot depended on the weather and the terrain being traveled.  Do you think the pioneers ever got tired?  What did they do to enjoy themselves? (Stand up and walk in place - Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked)
Stop 3 - Looks like a storms coming in!  No time to waste though we need to cross through the Missouri River by nightfall.  We may get a little wet... (Turn lights out and while you sing, The Oxcart, spray them lightly with a spray bottle)
Stop 4 - We've reached the halfway point at Fort Laramie.  Lets take a break and read our scriptures.   (sing Book of Mormon Stories)
Stop 5 - We've been traveling for awhile now.  And tomorrow is Sunday.  Lets set up camp and observe the Sabbath.  Sleep well around the campfire (sing Come, Come ye Saints)
Stop 6 - It's now Monday morning. At 5 a.m. everyone is awakened.  Our families have family prayer, cook breakfast, and feed and harness the horses and oxen.  We are ready to move by 7 o'clock.  By noon we are ready for something fun to do. (Sing Fun to Do "pioneer style" found here).
Stop 7 - Despite all the disease, bad weather conditions, hunger, suffering, and pain we've made it to the Salt Lake Valley!!!  All together, we have traveled around 1100 miles!  We need to stop and thank our Heavenly Father!!! (Sing I am A Child of God or Reverently, Quietly)

So hopefully one of these ideas can help you for your Singing time this week!  Thanks for your comments!!!  And Happy Pioneer Day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What "Shell" We Sing?

For this summer singing time there are 2 ways you can do this.

The easy way.

Or the not as easy way...

You choose according to how much time you have to prepare this week ;)

the EASY Way:
Put song titles in sea shells.  Choose reverent children to come and pick a shell and sing the song that is inside!

the Not AS Easy Way:
Inside half the shells, put a number that represents how many notes the piano player will play of a song.  Have a child come up and hold the shell to his/her ear as if to listen.  Let them try to name the tune!  Make sure to get the list of songs before primary to the pianist.

In the other half of the sea shells write on slips of paper questions that represent a song or opposite wording of a song title.

For example: 
In what song do we like to look for rainbows? (When I Am Baptized).
Which song tells us we have power to choose? (As a Child of God)
Laman's Fear (Nephi's Courage)
Sit for the Left (Stand for the Right)
Reject the Wrong (Choose the Right)

You can also display a picture of Jesus by the sea shore :)

Sounds of Summer

Ahhhhh the sounds of Summmmmmer....


Crickets, frogs, bees....

How about bringing them to primary?

Kids love bugs :)

Take a look at the Sounds of Summer instructions {here}

You can sing each song with a different bug.  For your last song, put them all together for a Summer Symphony!!!!

Ice cream, you sing.

Ice cream.  You scream. We all sing for ice cream!!!

What kid doesn't love ice cream? 

Here is a fun singing time for summer!!!
Put the cone on the board (blue sticky tack) and put the rest of the ice cream flavors around the board.  Let a child come up and pick a flavor and set it on top of the cone.  Put a number (or song) on the back of ice scoop and sing that song!  Add each scoop on top of each other and see how high you can get it!
My kids loved to name each flavor as it was stacked on top!  Have fun and happy singing!!!

Here's the PDF's for the ice cream cone and flavors that I made with Paint. click here here and here
Print them if you want (card stock is best).
You're welcome. :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mini Summer Music Training Camp

 At the beginning of singing time, pass out to each child a "travel bag".  (click here for the image to print!)
At each "Training Station" they will receive something to put in their bag.

Our First Train Station Stop is:  Be on Time

Pass out straws to each child and show them how to lead for each 3/4, 4/4, 2/4, and 6/8 time (show them quickly).  Then sing each of these songs in a row while they follow you on how to lead that time:

You should stand with your back to them while you lead, so they can easily follow you.
-As a Child of God (3/4 time)
-Choose the Right (4/4 time)
-When I am Baptized (2/4 time)
-I'm Trying to be like Jesus (6/8 time)

Make sure at the end of this Station to ask them to put their straw in their bag.

The Second Stop is:  Be Dynamic

They will receive a copy of the music language dice that they can take home to color and put together.  Discuss singing loud like a watch dog (ff), soft like a butterfly (p), tempo fast like a race horse (allegro) and slow like a turtle (andante), disconnected like a chicken pecking for food (staccato), and connected like a duck swimming (legato). 

Show them the music language dice (found here).  Have one child roll it, then sing the first verse of Nephi's Courage.  Repeat this for verse 2 and 3. 

The last stop is the station:  I've got Rhythm

Children will decorate paper plate tambourines.  If there is time, we will use them to sing The Wise Man and the Foolish Man.

To make these, fold a paper plate in half and put about a tablespoon of rice, beans, or popcorn kernels and staple together.  Let them draw on them with markers or crayons.

Let them put their tambourine in their Travel Bag at the end to take home.

Send them home with a Choo Choo treat.  (click here for the choo choo graphic).  Pick any "Chewy" treat you'd like!!!

Tell them thanks for attending the Mini Summer Music Training Camp!!!  and to bring their skills home to teach their family for FHE!!!

Roll 'em and Blow 'em

For this singing time, you will need 6-8 straws per singing time (6-8 per Junior and Senior because they can't share straws).  Write song titles on small strips of paper and roll them up tightly.  Stick each one in the end of a straw.

Choose a child to come up and blow through the straw - shooting the paper out.  Let them aim at a target (or aim high in the air so no one gets it in the eye!).  Once they have shot it and found the small piece of paper, sing that song!!!