Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow Much Fun to Sing in an IGLOO

For this Singing Time, choose a child to pick one of the penguins.  Each penguin has a song to sing on the back.  Then pick another child.  Give them 3 snowballs (styrofoam... of course) and they get to try to throw one of them through a hole in the igloo.  Each hole represents a way to sing the song.  If they get the snowball through the biggest bottom hole, you sing normal.  But if they get it through one of the circle holes they get to pick a fun way to sing from a stack of cards.  We got our cards from All New Ways to Sing Cards from

Have snow much fun with your singing time and don't forget to check out the other winter posts from this week!  There's about 8 or 9 posts!  Check them out!

Pokey the Groundhog

Ground Hog's Day is Almost Here!!! 
Here's an idea to use for a singing meter this week (Ground Hog's Day is Feb. 2nd).
Bring your special visitor "Pokey the Groundhog".  Explain that Pokey only likes to come out of his hole if the children are singing really well.
Pokey was made from a clipart off google and his hole was made from an old can.  We put construction paper around his can to make it look like he was in a hole.  There is a small hole punched at the bottom of the can and pokey is taped to a long skinny stick that goes through the hole.  Raise Pokey up and down as the children sing.

Oh What Do You Do in the WINTERtime???

This is sung to the tune of Oh What do you do in the Summertime? CS 245

Oh what do you do in the wintertime?  When all the world is white?
Do you ride in a sleigh or throw snowballs all day?
Or watch all the snowflakes in the sky?
Is that what you do?
So do I.
 Oh what do you in the wintertime when all the world is white?
Do you ice skating go?  Or play in the snow?
Or ski on a mountain so high?
Is that what you do?
So do I.

You can choose helpers in your primary to come hold up different objects that represent the words :)

5 Little Snowmen FAT

For those of you lucky music leaders who help with the nursery, here's a FUN song to sing during the winter months!!!  It's called 5 Little Snowmen.
You can have each nursery child hold a little snowman.... or have them each wear a funny hat and melt :) 

For the very last verse you can sing these words:

No Little Snowmen fat
Only their funny hat
But the next time it snows,
I'll build more of those
Oh what fun is that.

Once there was a Giant Snowman

My kids love when I bring this guy to church to help us sing Once There Was a Snowman.  He's actually taller then I am!!!  I hold him up at the beginning of the song and then slowly lower him to ground as we sing.  The second time we sing it, I let a child come hold him.  Sometimes I let them stand on a chair to make him really TALL :)

This Snowman is made of quilt batting and misc fabric for the accessories.  The accessories were attached with tacky glue.

Sing With Me-Curiosity

Does anyone remember the orange song book for children called "Sing With Me"?  It was used until 1989 I believe. ...which was before my time... 
When my mom told me about it I thought, "There was a songbook before the cute blue one"?  huh... 
Anyways my mom loved one of the winter songs in it called Curiosity by A.W. Norton and B.F. Jenkins.
Here's a picture of it in case anyone else would like to sing it :)


Snowflake Toss

 I did this idea 2 years ago... or maybe it was 3... anyways, what I did was put a line of duck tape down.  I chose a reverent child to come to the line and they got to throw a bean bag onto one of the snowflakes.  Each snowflake had a song to sing on the back. After each snowflake was chosen I picked it up so it wouldn't be chosen again.  If the bean bag didn't land on one directly, we chose the nearest one.  It's a pretty easy Sunday Sing Time idea, so hopefully someone can use it!!!! 

These snowflake papers were made by cutting snowflake shapes on white paper.  Then they were put on scrapbook paper that were cut into circles.

Snow Ice Cream

I sing, you sing!  We all sing for Snow Ice cream!!!

We found these at the store-they are actually cotton candy shhhhh :)  The kids thought it was snow!  blahh hahaha! 
So you can stack these up or aline them on the table.  Choose a reverent child to come and choose a Snow Ice cream.  On the top is a song or a number that represents a song!!! 
At the end, we passed out handouts that were the reciepe to make ice cream out of snow.  They loved it!!!

Build a Snowman

This is an easy winter singing time to do with your kids!  Just put different parts to build a snowman on the board.  Let a child choose one and then assemble it.  For each piece, sing a song!  You can have different noses, buttons, arms, mittens, hats, or scarves!!!

Sing HOT themometer

This idea was found here at playtimewithmommy.  We thought it would make a fun singing meter for the winter!  It's made from a Zipper!  So while your children are singing, the temperature gets HOTTER :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Year of the Dragon

This is a fun review to do for Chinese New Year's.  Play the old Chinese game, rock paper sissors.  Pick a child to come play the game with you.  If they win, they get to pick a gold coin from the "good fortune envelope".  The gold coin has a song listed on it. If you win, then review As a Child of God (or the one you're working on).   For review, play hot and cold hiding a dragon as the object.  Or sing loud/soft with a paper dragon that pulls out to grow larger.  Or have a paper dragon parade (make dragon face with streamers attached).  Choose 2 or 3 children to be in parade waving their paper dragon while the other children sing.
This might also be a good time to bring back the dragon breaths.  Find them here :)

I can choose the Right here on EARTH

January week 4:  Jesus Christ created the EARTH as a place where I can learn to choose the right.

Choose a reverent child to come help spin the globe.  I say reverent because sometimes my kids are rowdy... well, more than sometimes.  I pick up my choosing sticks can (with all their names in it) and then I choose a name.  I look at the name and then say something like, "Hmmmm.. let me see if this person is being reverent".  I look around the room and wait for it to be silent.  I may even walk around the room and "look".  That usually gets everyone's attention and they settle down.
Anyways back to business.  So when the child comes up I will spin the globe and they have to stop it with their finger.  If it doesn't land exactly on a song, pick the closest song.  After you sing it, take the song off the globe.  When the next child comes up and if they don't land exactly on a song, pick the song to the right of their finger.  I'll warn you now, I haven't done this activity before so I hope it turns out!!!
While they are singing, I will let them pass around an inflatable globe.  When the song is over, the child with the globe has to say something to help them choose the right, or an example of choosing the right.

Choose the Right... Helper

This Sunday (or next) have your children trace their RIGHT hand on a piece of paper.  Have them write their name on it and their favorite song (or something to help them CTR).  In February, put all the paper hands on the board and you choose one of the RIGHT hands. Have that child come up and be your RIGHT hand helper while everyone sings that song.  If they didn't write their favorite song let them tell everyone how they can choose the right.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Melting Snowman

Melt the Snowman by singing really HOT!!!  Send one child out of the room and one child to hide the snowman (play hot and cold).  When the snowman is found, let the children decide which article to take off.  My kids loved this last year when I took off his top hat and said, "Look!  He's bald!!!".

This is a simple snowman made out of scraps of paper laying around the house.  Each piece/accessory was laminated and then attached with velcro.


***Here's another Snowman review from Littlegiraffes.  Scroll to the middle of the page to find the Roll-A-Snowman.  We thought this activity could be adapted for Primary singing time.  Let one child roll the dice and draw the part of the snowman on the chalkboard.  Then sing a song.  If they duplicate a number on the dice, choose another child to try.  Let us know if anyone tries these activities with their primary!!!

As a Child of God

Second Verse

Third Verse

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As a Child of God

FYI - we will be posting later this week verses 2 and 3 of As a Child of God.  A few people have asked about this so we made them!!! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter Fun

This idea comes from A Children's Songbook Companion p. 31.  Prepare a winter scene on the chalkboard or poster board (trees, snowmen, etc.).  Make signs that say Avalanche Pass (sing), Humming Hill (hum), Thin Ice (whisper sing), Rest Area (piano only).  Prepare a figure (skier or sleigh rider) and attach it to the end of a dowel.  Move the figure to the various ski area at unexpected times during the singing.  Instruct the children to follow the directions on the signs.

This can be used as a fun review for As a Child of God!!!

To Show I Choose the Right

This idea is from the 1999 July Friend
"Have the children sing the following song to the tune of 'If You're Happy' (CS, p.266):  'To show I choose the right, I tell the truth./To show I choose the right, I tell the truth./I know the Savior's way./  And it shows in what I say./  To show I choose the right, I tell the truth.'  The action for this verse, made while singing "I tell the truth," is putting the right pointer finger to your lips and lowering the finger in a small arc.  Additional verses and actions could include "I will not swear" (zip your lips), "I show respect" (tip your hat), "I'll rev'rent be" (fold arms), "I will not steal" (right pointer finger wigwags "No").  Once the children know the first verse, have a child pick a wordstrip (We did different circles and put magnets on the back and put them on the chalkboard.) and have everyone sing that verse.  After each verse, ask "How will I show respect?" (or "What does it mean to be reverent?" etc.).  Finally, have all the helpers hold up their wordstrips and sing the first verse again but have the final line include all the wordstrips in the order in which the children are holding them."