Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter's Gettin a Hair Cut....

(We are posting this singing time a little early, because it takes a good 5 days for the hair to grow.)

You will need about 18 eggs (9 for Junior and 9 for Senior), potting soil, wheat seed or grass seed, toilet paper rolls, and a sharpie.

Crack the top of the shell on each egg, rinse it out, draw on a face, fill with soil, put a little seed on top, little water, stick on top of a TP roll, and... watch and wait. 

Bring your hairy eggs to Primary and bring a small pair of scissors and some cute ribbon.  Put a number on the back of each egg (representing an Easter song).
Choose one child to come up to the front and choose an egg.  They get to either give the egg a new Easter hair-do or give it a hair cut!  How fun is that?!?!!!!!

At the end of singing time, bare your testimony of the resurrection and of Jesus Christ.

Alma 40:23
The soul shall be restored to the body, and the body to the soul; yea, and every limb and joint shall be restored to its body; yea, even a hair of the head shall not be lost; but all things shall be restored to their proper and perfect frame.

Crack Me

This is a fun idea that would be a perfect for singing time on Easter!

Dye the eggs and put a song inside!!!      ...and candy if your kids are lucky :)

Don't worry about poking a hole and blowing out the yoke... because honestly, that just takes waaaaay too much time.  And being primary chorister takes A LOT of time.  So for easy instructions, click here.

If the Savior Stood Beside Me

This is the program song we will be singing for April.  :)

"If the Savior Stood Beside Me"


Easter Pallet

Before primary, draw 6-8 outlines of an egg on the chalkboard (make them larger size than a real egg :)).  Choose one child to come up and pick a color from the artists pallet.  Each color has a number on the back and represents a song to sing.  Have that child color an egg on the board with that color with colored chalk.  Let that child color the egg as the primary children sing!

You may also have outlines of eggs on white butcher paper and let a child color them with water color paint!

Friday, March 23, 2012


JUMBO Marshmallows ... mmmmmmmmmm 

On a cooking sheet, place 8-10 marshmallows with icing numbers on them.  The number represents a song to sing.  Choose a child to come up and choose a marshmallow. 

...And this is where it gets fun :)

By 'choose one', we mean pick it up with their mouth. ha!

Have them stand at a line with their hands behind their back and try to blow it/shoot it into a medium sized basket.  They get 3 tries (put a table cloth on the table with the basket).  If they make it, sing that song and let that child eat their Jumbo Marshmallow.  If they don't, let them have it anyway :)

Here are some fun March Madness ways to sing:
 Bounce.  Get it?
Act out these basketball moves as you sing!!!
Bounce (one arm)
Travel (roll arms)
Slam Dunk
Double Dribble (bounce with both hands opposite of each other)
Basket's good (sharp point with finger and arm down)
Granny throw (throw between legs)
Backwards throw


This singing time was planned with Oreo's 100 year anniversary and March madness in mind :)

You will need, a small hoop, a glass of milk, tongs, mini oreo's (or big ones), and duck tape (or something else to make lines on the floor).

Before Primary, lay down 3 lines of duck tape on the floor.  I usually put them down the center isle of the room.  Each line represents song choices.  The closet line will be a program song, the middle line will be a fun song, and the farthest line will be a wiggle song or a favorite song.

Pick one child to come up and choose a line to throw the oreo in the basket from.  (Put the basket on the table in front of them).  They get 3 tries to throw the cookie through the basket and DUNK it into the glass of milk.  If they make it, use the tongs to get it out and let them eat it. Yum!  Then sing the song in accordance to which line they made it from.  If they don't get it in 3 tries, let another child get a turn.

Here is a fun handout to give after!!!  Attach a mini oreo as the 'O' in SCORE :)

It's TIME to get ready to WATCH General Conference

It's TIME to get ready to WATCH General Conference!!!  Yay!!!

So in order to help my primary children get ready, we will be using this clock and our Primary TV.
This clock was copied from the October 1983 Friend.  Each hour has a way to sing in front of it.
I will call up a reverent child and they will get to change the clock to any time they would like.  After they have chosen a time, then we will change the channel on our TV to that number.  For example, if they choose 4 o'clock (we will stand and sing) we will turn the TV to channel 4.
Each channel will have a different apostle or the prophet giving a message.  Read the message and then sing a corresponding song.
Here are some more examples of channels:

And here is a picture of how the TV is made...
I'm sure you have made one of these in school, but if not, here are some simple instructions:
You will need a box, paper towel rolls, tape, glue, a long piece of paper, pictures of the apostles and prophet, and a sharpie.  To make it, cut holes into the top and bottom of the box, stick the paper towel rolls through them.  Tape the top of the long piece of paper to the top paper towel roll.  Roll it up and then tape the bottom of the long piece of paper to the bottom paper towel holder.  Then glue on pictures of the apostles and prophet (you will need 12) and write on the channel number and their message.

***Here are some examples of messages that have been given by the apostles and prophet and a corresponding song.  (these were found here on Yahoo groups by Janelle)

Monson ~ “Do we have the moral courage to stand firm for our beliefs, even if by so doing we must stand along?  ...it is essential that we are able to face-with courage-whatever challenges come our way.”
                Song:  Stand for the Right
Eyring ~ “The effect of the Book of Mormon on your character, power, and courage to be a witness for God is certain.  The doctrine and the valiant examples in that book will lift, guide, and embolden you.”
                Song:  Book of Mormon Stories
Uchtdorf ~ "You are not invisible to your Heavenly Father.  He loves you.”
                Song:  I am a child of God
Packer ~ “Dress modestly; talk reverently; listen to uplifting music.  Avoid all immorality and personally degrading practices.  Take hold of your life and order yourself to be valiant.”
                Song:  I will be Valiant
Perry ~ “Our lives should be examples of goodness and virtue as we try to emulate (Christ’s) example to the world.  Good works by each of us can do credit both to the Savior and His Church.  As you are engaged in doing good, being honorable and upright men and women, the Light of Christ will be reflected by your lives.”         
                Song:  Do As I'm Doing
Nelson ~ “After some 4,000 years of anticipation and preparation, this is the appointed day when the gospel is to be taken to the kindred's of the earth.  The Lord is counting on us (to) serve as missionaries in this great time of the gathering of Israel.”      
                Song:  Called to Serve
Oaks ~ "We are followers of Jesus Christ.  Our citizenship is in His church and His gospel. . . We should honor His name, (and) keep His commandments.”
                Song:  I’m Trying to be like Jesus
Ballard ~ “The name the Savior given to His Church tells us exactly who we are and what we believe.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior and the Redeemer of the World.”
                Song:  I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ
Scott ~ “Scriptures are like packets of light that illuminate our minds and give place to guidance and inspiration from on high.”
                Song:  Scripture Power
Hales ~ “The purpose of our life on earth is to grow, develop, and be strengthened through our own experiences.”  
                Song:  As a child of God
Holland ~ “My young friends, we need tens of thousands of more missionaries in the months and years that lie ahead.”
                Song:  I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
Bednar ~ “In the Sacred Grove, Joseph Smith saw and talked with the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ.  This majestic vision ushered in the dispensation of the fullness of times.”
                Song:  Praise to the Man
Cook ~ “We have a Father in Heaven, who knows and loves us personally and understands our suffering perfectly."
                Song:  I Know my Father Lives
Christofferson ~ “Repentance exists as an option only because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. . ..Surely the Lord smiles upon one . . who resolutely labors day by day to replace weakness with strength.”
                Song:  Help Me Dear Father
Andersen ~ “The family is ordained of God.  Families are central to our Heavenly Father’s plan here on earth and through the eternities. 
                Song:  Families Can be Together Forever

For a handout, this WATCH idea from Sugardoodle was cute :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Remember the Prophet and Apostles

Honestly, can you name ALL of the apostles?

Off the top of your head?

If you can, you're amazing.

If not, you're in luck!!!  Here is a fun way to remember them!


Each word starts with the first letter of the Prophet and Apostles last name.


So now you can be amazing, too :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ORANGE you glad we have Prophets?

Isn't he cute?  The orange, I mean :)

Draw smiley faces on 6-8 oranges and put them on the table.  Choose a reverent child to come and choose an orange.  For each orange have a different knock knock joke to tell about what we are glad for.  Then sing a corresponding song.
For example:

Knock, knock?
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad we have prophets and apostles?

Then sing a song about prophets, such as Stand for the Right.

Other jokes for your oranges, can end with:
Orange you glad for temples?  Song: Families Can be Together Forever
Orange you glad we can give service?  Song:  Give, Said the Little Stream
Orange you glad we can smile?  Song:  Smiles
Orange you glad we can pray to Heavenly Father?  Song:  A Child's Prayer
Orange you glad for missionaries?  Song:  I Hope they Call me on a Mission
Orange you glad for this beautiful world?  Song:  My Heavenly Father Loves Me

Orange you glad for visiting iheartprimarymusic?

We are glad too :)

Happy singing and check out our other posts from this week!!!

I am LEAD by Prophets and Apostles

I have to be honest.

I love leading wands.

There's just something whimsical about them to me.

I like to see my children's faces as a bring out a new one :)

If I don't have one for a certain holiday, then I just cut out a holiday shape from paper and tape it to the end of a skewer.  Fancy, right?

Here's a few from the collection.  Anything that is long, can be used as a leading wand!!!
umbrellas, flowers, flags, a pencil with ribbon attached, flashlight, etc.

Anyways for this singing time I will pull out my leading wands and let a child choose one.  Each leading stick will represent a song to sing and then they get to lead with it!!!

Make to sure to end with your testimony of how the prophet and apostles are called by God and LEAD us today!

Rockin Robins

Spring is on it's WAY!!!  We thought these birds would be fun to use for spring :)

Make 6-8 of them and put a song on each.  Choose a reverent child to come and choose a Robin and then sing the song.

Act/Sing like a bird as you sing the song!
ex:  whistle, bob your head like a chicken, flap your wings, stand on one leg (like flamingo), waddle like a penguin, chicken scratch with feet, etc.

For instructions to make these super cute Robins click here

A Tree Grows Straight

This is THEE cutest spring stretch song and it's from Sing With Me (the old children's songbook).  It didn't make it into the new song book but it's still a good one to sing.  Act as a tree as you sing together!

Whirly Gigs

This is a simple pick and choose activity that you can use for singing time.  You can put songs attached to them and then let a child choose one.  You could let that child lead with the pinwheel OR let them control the tempo of the song by blowing on it.  The faster it spins the faster the children sing!!!
Make sure to be in view of the pianist!

We hope you have a WHEELY good time singing!!!

Sing High as a Kite

This is a fun spring singing meter that you can use for singing time.  Tie its string to the ceiling (or use duck tape) and as the children sing louder and louder, pull the kite higher and higher. 

Here is a picture of the back:
To make this singing meter, you will need a 8 ft piece of yarn, a cut off drinking straw, tape, and a paper kite. 
Put the straw through the yarn and then tape it to the back of the kite.  Just make sure the yarn is a tad bit thicker than the straw so that the straw won't slide by itself.

Spring Colors

These mini spring coloring pages would be fun to use for singing time.  They are found from the May 2000 Friend.  Color and cut out the pictures and do a pick and choose singing time activity.  Talk about what is happening in each picture as it is chosen and then sing a spring song!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

LUCKY shot

What you will need:
~6-10 yellow balloons numbered with a permanent marker
~A black pot (or a laundry basket with black fabric covering it :))
optional: a leprechaun for looks :)

Choose a child to come to the front of the room and try to shoot the balloon into the LEPRECHAUN'S Pot O' Gold!!!  Have a line that they have to stand behind and let them get 3 chances to make it into the pot.  The balloon that lands in the pot is the song you sing!!!

This is how you "shoot" a balloon...

St. Patrick's Day be coming quick!!!  Don't ferget to wear yer green!!!  and don't ferget to take a gander at thee other posts from this week!!

Sing a Rainbow

Sing the Rainbow.

Put a rainbow on the board either with paper or drawn on with colored chalk.  Make signs or write different ways to sing (Hum, sing and jig, whisper, piano only, sing) and put them on the rainbow.  Print out the little leprechaun and tape him on a stick.
When you are reviewing your month's song, move the leprechaun across the rainbow.  Have the children do/follow what the leprechaun points to.


Leapin Leprechauns!!!

Meet Brother B. Green.

We thought this leprechaun was stinking cute and thought it could be made into a singing meter for Primary!!  Instead of having his legs be flat, fold them like an accordion!  When you want your children to sing softly, shrink his legs up.  And when you want them to sing loud, pull them down and make his legs long! 

Instructions on how to make this leprechaun is found here from Woman's Day.

Looking for Gold

Cut out 6 black Pot O' Gold's and stick them on the board.  Pick one child to come up and cover their eyes.  Hide a gold coin under one of  the Pot O' Gold's.  Let the child guess which Pot O' Gold the coin is hiding behind.  If they don't find the coin, sing a song that you are reviewing.  If they find the coin, let them pick their favorite song!!!

4 Leaf Clover

Warning:  The singing time listed below is extremely easy and completely unoriginal...

Have pieces to build a clover on table.  Let a child come up and put one piece on the board (with blue sticky tack).  Have a song to sing on the back of each piece.  Sing song.

Easy and unoriginal?

We warned you :)

***To add a little spice:  Put a paper clover under one of the children's chair before Primary.  The child that sits on that chair gets to be your LUCKY lead helper for the day!!!


Play Hot n' Cold as you sing one of the songs.  Hide a little leprechaun!



Have a contest to see which class is singing the best!  The class that sings the best gets to have their teacher wear a LEPRECHAUN HAT for the next song!! blahhhh ha ha!
Don't have a leprechaun hat laying around?  Make one out of paper and a stick!!!

We are LUCKY to have Prophets and Apostles

Have the letters L U C K Y spread out across the Primary room before singing time. Choose a child to pick a letter and put it on the board.  Before they sit down have them say something that they feel LUCKY to have. ex:  prophet, apostles, family, body, Holy Ghost, Jesus, friends, etc. 
After they sit down, sing a song.  At the end of singing time, see if they can spell out LUCKY and bear your testimony on what you feel you are LUCKY for :)