Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 There are many ways to use umbrellas for singing time!!!  Here are a few ways that we've thought of!
-Have a collection of umbrellas displayed on the table.  Each umbrella represents a song.  Let a child choose one and then sing that song.
-Let a child lead with a closed umbrella
-Have slips of paper with song titles on them.  Place them in an opened umbrella and let a reverent child who is singing good choose a song!
-Use an umbrella as a singing meter.  Open the umbrella as wide as it goes when the children are singing well.  And close it when they need to sing better.
- Let one child come up and choose an umbrella and let them open it and cover themselves.  Choose a song and while you sing, walk around the primary room and spray the children who are singing their best (make sure your spray bottle is on mist!!!)  My children love this!!!
 If you have any other thoughts on how you could use an umbrella for singing time, we would love to hear it!!!  and make sure to check out our other posts from this week :)

Singing makes a Flower Grow

For this singing time you will need 6 watering cans and a flower singing meter.  Put a song in each can and set them on the table.  Let a child choose a can and sing that song.
As the children are singing, use the flower singing meter to determine if the song needs "more water".  Raise the flower up when they are singing their best and down when they a can sing better.

Puddle Jumping

Collect different rain boots around your house. Bring them to primary and stick a song in each boot.  Display them on a small table and choose a child to come up and choose a song.
You can also have 6 "puddles"  (blue paper blobs).  Place them on the ground with a way to sing on the back.  Let a child jump on a puddle and sing that way!!!
examples of ways to sing:

-Sing like your underwater (move pointer finger in front of lips up and down)
-Plug nose
-Puddle jumper and teacher blow bubbles
-Fancy Diving

Tic Tac Know - the Program Songs

This is a simple review game that you can do for singing time!!!  Here's a link for the game pieces from one of our favorite blogs!  You can draw the grid on the chalk board or draw one on poster board.  The object of the game is to get 3 in a row AND to find out how well the children KNOW the program songs!

This is how you play:
Divide the children into two teams.  (One is the X's and one team is the O's)

Choose a team to go first and have one child pick a number.  Each number will have a question about a program song.  Ask the question and then if they get it right they get the square.  If they don't know the answer they can ask their team :)  After the question is answered sing that program song.

Here are some sample questions for Junior Primary:
1 - What do I like to look for whenever there is rain? (Rainbows)
2 - As a Child of God what do I receive?  (special light/ Holy Ghost)  
3 - Is there someone on your team wearing a piece of jewelry with 3 letters that help us make right choices?  And what are the 3 letters?  (CTR ring/tie tac/bracelet/necklace.  Choose the Right)
4 - Name Nephi's 2 older brothers.  (Laman and Lemuel)
5 - Who built his house on a rock?  (the wise man)
6 - What are the words our Prophet has for you?  (Be True and Stand for the Right)
7 - Who am I trying to be like?  (Jesus)
8 - If the Savior stood beside you, what would you say? (kind and true words)
9 - What are the Primary colors?  (Red, Yellow, Blue)

and here are some for Senior Primary:  (because if your senior primary is anything like mine, they are SMARTY PANTS :))  You can give them hints if they need to know which Program Song it is from.
1 - How can you strengthen your family?  (by my good works)
2 -  What does the lord ask us to do with the commandments?  (obey them)
3 - When in the right, what does your heart do?  (confides)
4 - What happened to the house on the sand?  (washed away)
5 - How many times do we sing Be True in Stand for the Right?  (4)
6 - How does the Still Small voice speak to us?  (whispers)
7 - Why do you want your life to be as clean as earth right after rain? (to live with God again)
8 - Though you cannot see the Savior, how often is He near?  (always)
9 - What does yellow stand for in the song Our Primary Colors?  (service)

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Shoes" the Right

"Shoes" the Right and Follow Jesus' Example!!!

This is a fun way to help us remember to be like Jesus :)
You will need cleats, wading boots, slippers, dance shoes, Sunday shoes, and swim fins.
Let one child pick a pair of shoes and then let them read how that pair helps us to choose the right and be like Jesus.  Then sing a song!

~Cleats - We need to dig our cleats into the ground and always stand firm against doing wrong. (Stand for the Right)
~Wading Boots - We need to be prepared.  When life is flooding us with temptations we can be wise and choose the right.  (Wise man/Foolish man)
~Slippers - We should get all comfy and cozy and spend time with the scriptures and keep learning about Jesus.  (Search, Ponder, and Pray)
~Dance Shoes - We need to be on our tip toes, looking for ways to share the Gospel.  (I will be Valiant)
~Sunday Shoes - We need to be reverent and ready to learn about Jesus.  (Reverence is Love)
~Swim Fins - We need to be ready to dive in and do service, just like Jesus did. (Give Said the Little Stream)

***Special thanks to all the people who have left nice comments lately.  We appreciate you letting us know that we are helping others!!!  Feel free to write us more nice things :)


Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Look how cute these are!!!  and they're prefect for the Spring time :)

All you need is 6-8 empty TP rolls, green paper, popcorn, and glue!  Slice a slit at the top of the TP roll and stick the green paper on top - and then glue popcorn to the tree.  Write song titles on the back and let a child choose a tree during singing time.  Make sure to have one of the songs be Popcorn Popping!!!

You can also hand out little popcorn balls at the end if you want :)
Here is our Yummy recipe:

Jello Pop Corn Balls
1 small pkg. jello (we use green, but you can use orange or strawberry too)
1 c. sugar
1 c. white karo
Bring to a boil slowly.  Cook until sugar is dissolved.  Pour over popped corn.  mix and shape into balls

Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up!!!  and who doesn't love an easy to prepare Singing Time?
All you need is some Earth balloons and slips of paper to put inside! (oh and something to pop the balloons)  Let one child come up and pop a balloon and then sing the song inside!!!

Easy.  Just how I like it :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Following Jesus is a PIECE of CAKE

What you will need for this singing time is:  6 paper feet (with a number on the top and a song written on the back) and something the pull the numbers 1-6 out of (a little bag or basket). Optional:  little cupcakes to pass out after with a handout that says, "Following Jesus is a PIECE of CAKE!!!". 

Place the 6 feet in a circle at the front of the Primary Room.  Choose 6 children to come up and stand on a foot.  Have a pianist start to play a song, and stop the music suddenly.  Each child should be standing on a foot (like a CAKE WALK).  Draw a number from a bag and who ever is standing on that foot sits down and then everyone sings the song on the back.  Each song is a reminder of how we can follow our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Here are some examples of songs:
Baptism (be baptized like Jesus)
Kindness Begins With Me (be kind)
Search, Ponder, and Pray (Pray to our Heavenly Father)
Love One Another
Keep the Commandments
I Want to be a Missionary Now (teach the Gospel)

Take that number of foot out of the circle and play again!  You can either keep the same children or call up completely new ones!!!

Here is a PDF of the foot prints if you would like to print some out.  CLICK HERE

Tangled Kites

 Put 6 kites on the bulletin board (each kite has a song on the back) and let their strings hang down to the ground.  Tangle up the strings a little bit (not too much).  Choose one child to come choose a string on the floor and follow it up to a kite.  When they have found the matching kite, sing that song!!!

If the Savior Stood Beside Me Word Review

Here's a fun Word Review for your children to do if they are learning 'If the Savior Stood Beside Me'!  I uploaded it as a PDF if you would like to use it....  and I'm crossing my fingers it worked :) 

Click here to check it out!

Friday, April 6, 2012

No "BUNNY" loves you like Jesus!!!

We hope everyone had a nice conference weekend!!!  Wasn't it nice to have a break? :)

We are looking forward to Easter - knowing the importance of the Atonement!!!  Here's a fun (and yummy) handout to remind your children of Jesus' love for them!!!

Easter Miracle Puzzle Game

Because who doesn't like puzzles?  

These are all drawings of miracles that help us understand the greatest miracle of all, the Resurrection of Jesus.

Print these pages out and color.  Cut each puzzle piece out and laminate if desired.  Put one side of each puzzle on the chalk board and the other sides put around the Primary Room.  Choose one child to pick a puzzle piece and match it to the other half.  After they have matched it, sing a song that is written on the back! 

Beat those Eggs!

Here's something fun to add to your singing time for EASTER!!!  Egg shakers!!! 

We bought this jar full, but you could also make your own.  All you need is plastic Easter eggs, rice, and some tape (to make sure they don't break open).

Either give one to each child and let them shake the BEAT....

OR you could let 3-5 children come up for each song and shake the beat.  I like to only pick certain kids to come up to the front each time.  Before the song I will say something like, "I'll be watching to see who is singing their best so that I can pick helpers for the next song".  This is so that the children sing well each song because they never know who I will pick.  Tricky tricky thinking, but you have to do that sometimes as chorister ;)