Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Primary Magic

Get ready to be AMAZED!!!!

Here are some simple magic tricks put to Gospel Principles.  Have fun presenting them to the kids along with singing some songs!

Here is the PDF of all the Magic Instructions.

 (This is a visual for magic trick #4)

And Shazam!!!  You have another fabulous idea from iheartprimarymusic!!!

Shooting Stars

Here's a fun Summer singing time idea using Shooting Stars (straws)!!!

You will need: 3-4 film canisters (or little blocks), different color pom poms, 2 different size straws, paper star, and tape.

To make the Shooting Star Straw cut it a little shorter than the blowing straw.  Put tape on one end to seal the air and then put the star on top of the tape.  Make sure the blowing straw is smaller in circumference so that the shooting straw can fit over it.  Also, make sure the child blowing doesn't hold onto to shooting straw when blowing!  Switch blowing straws for each participating child.

Set the pom poms on top of the film canisters.  Each color of pom pom represents a different song to sing.  Let a child kneel from a certain distance and let them try to shoot the star and knock over one of the pom poms.  Once they have knocked it over, sing that song and then put another pom pom on top (different color of pom poms may be placed inside the canister).

Soaring High in the Summer Sky

Paper Airplanes in CHURCH?!?!???!!!  My children loved this singing time idea!!! 

You will need 12-14 paper airplanes (2 of each kind) with songs or numbers written on them. 

Choose 2 children to come to the front of the Primary Room.  Have them pick two same airplanes.  As they stand from a line on the floor (duck tape), have them throw the planes in the same direction.  Whose ever planes goes the farthest is the song to sing!!!

Here is a website that has some easy instructions on how to fold paper airplanes.  Have fun!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fishin for Summer

We thought this was a cute fishing game to make for a Summer singing time.  They are made from mismatched socks, ribbon, magnets, and felt.

Click here for instructions on how to make these colorful fish from the blog Johnnyinadress.

Have each fish numbered and let one child catch a fish with pole.  Once they have caught a fish on their line, sing that song number!!!

Wonder Bread

May Week 4:  When I Take the Sacrament I renew my baptismal covenants.

At our house, the motto is "the whiter the bread, the quicker you're dead".  So it's a WONDER why we had some in our fridge for this singing time....
Anyways, this weeks sharing time is on the Sacrament.  So we thought we could incorporate the bread.
You will need a loaf of white bread, food coloring, and a paint brush.

On each piece of bread write a number (representing a song to sing).  Choose a child to come up and pick a slice and then sing that song. 

Don't forget to tell your children about how the color of the white represents us and how we can be clean as we renew our Baptismal Covenants.  Isn't it a WONDER????????

Sacrament Tray

For this singing time you will need a sacrament bread tray and 6-8 slips of paper with song titles on them.

Hand the tray to a child in the front row and let the pianist start to play a Primary song.  As the piano starts, have the children pass the tray around.  Have the pianist stop playing randomly and the child that is holding the tray gets to pick out a slip of paper.  Then, sing that song.  You could also have scriptures or facts written on some of the papers to mix it up :)

Here is a printout from SugarDoodle that might be fun to pass out as a handout at the end.  Our Primary is first so this would be nice for them to color during Sacrament Meeting.  Click here for this cute idea!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Make several 'bots' from recycled soup, chicken, and tuna cans.  Look in your garage for assorted nuts and bolts and other odds and ends to create your bot.  Attach with hot glue and walah!!!

In an old TV show called 'Lost in Space' a robot was the constant companion of a little boy.  The robot would call out, "Danger, danger" whenever the boy would need help with a decision that might lead him into "Danger".

Today the Holy Ghost is our "so-called Robot" - our constant companion to warn us of danger.

Let's see what songs our 'Robots' have picked for us to protect us from Danger.

(Have songs inside the cans of the Robots that can lead us from Danger.  For example:  As a Child of God, Choose the Right, Choose the Right Way, I Will Be Valiant, Dare to Do Right, Hum Your Favorite Hymn, I Will Follow God's Plan, Keep the Commandments, etc.)

In the Leafy Tree Tops

Choose a reverent child to come up and choose a bird from the nest.  Have a song written on the back of each bird.  Then sing that song!!!

Click here and here for the PDF's of the birds and nest.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Get to Know Your Mom PURSE-onally

How fun is this!?!?

Collect 6-8 "mom" PURSES and display them on the table.  Let a child come and choose a purse.  In each purse have a favorite song of one of the mother's in the ward.  This may take a few phone calls to get different favorite primary songs of some sisters in the ward :).  Then sing that song!!!

You could also just have a song in each of the purses...

Happy Mother's Day to all you music leaders!!!  Thanks for all the nice comments we have received and don't forget to take a look at our other posts from this week!

What are Mother's Made of?

For this singing time you will need:
A snickers bar, lemon, marshmallows, chocolate bar, onions, rocks, Mr. Clean product, and any form of medicine.

Let a child pick one of these items, then read that part in the poem and sing a song!!!

What are Mother's Made of?
by Cheryl Briggs

What are Mother's made of?
It's very plain to see--
Lots and lots of yummy things,
'Cause they're as sweet as they can be!

I think they're made of snickers
  To keep a laugh and smile,
While getting through the rough days,
  The ones that are a trial!

At times they're made of lemons
  When they get sour and mad--
Just cause we scribble on the wall--
  They think we're really bad!

They could be made of marshmallows--
  So tender, soft and puffy.
'Cause sometimes they'll give in to you,
  instead of getting huffy!

Perhaps they're made of chocolate bars,
  Melting in the sun.
Especially when you tell them,
  "Mom, you're my favorite one!"

They could be made of onions--
  When at times they start to cry.
And if you ask the reason--
  They really don't know why!

Sometimes I think they're made of rocks
  So strong and firm and set!
You try so hard to change their mind--
  And couldn't on a bet!

I think they're made of Mr. Clean
  Always putting things away--
Making sure we do our chores
  Before we can go and play!

They must be made of medicine--
  They always have the cure.
No matter what the pain and ache
  They fix us up for sure!

I know they're made of honey--
  So gooey and so sweet.
With hugs and kisses and "I love you,"
  Which they constantly repeat!

I guess they're made of all these things--
And even so much more--
They teach us, love us, help us through,
'Cause that's what Moms are for!

Mother is a Gardener

 Mother is a Gardener.
by Pat Graham and Joan Ashton

My mother has a garden that she waters everyday.  
Sometimes she picks the flowers and makes a bright bouquet.
She says the flowers remind her of things that children do--
So come into the garden, and I'll explain to you.

She says I'm like a daisy,
  a golden ray of sun,
Or like a happy marigold,
  always full of fun.

Here's a lacy lilac;
  it scatters sweet perfume.
And here's a yellow daffodil
  to brighten up a room.

I'm like a carefree dandelion
growing wild and free.
And I am like a hollyhock,
as tall as I can be.

Here's a strong snapdragon,
as big and brave as Dad.
And here's a small, sweet violet
trying to be glad.

I'm like a quiet crocus
  with promise for the spring.
I'm a purple pansy
  that makes you want to sing.

If I am like a flower,
  then surely you must know
That mother is the gardener,
  for she help me to grow!
She cultivates and nurtures
  and enriches pateintly.
Thank you, Heavenly Father,
  for creating her for me.

Pair the two flowers that go together in the poem on the table.  Choose 2 children to come pick a pair.  Read that part of the poem and then sing a song!  Let those 2 children hold up the flowers while you sing!

A Mother's Image

Let children assemble the pieces and build a mother!!!  For each piece, read the poem and sing a song!

-Legs/Feet:  Her feet are busy all day long
 With loving tasks to make me strong.
They lead me in the righteous way
And guide me if I go astray.

-Knees:  Whether playing a game or scrubbing the floors,
Her knees bend willingly to every chore.
And kneeling in prayer with me each night
She teaches me how to do what's right.

-Lap:  There's a special place my mother has made
Where I can go when I'm hurt or afraid;
Or if I just need a hug or nap,
I climb into my mother's lap.

-Heart:  A mother's heart may be quite small in size,
But forgiving the most, it wins the grand prize.
Her love's given freely, without any strings,
But to see it returned will make her heart sing.

-Arms:  When loving her children, her arms are so gentle;
When protecting from harm, they can be hard as metal.
They can hold, lift, and carry heavy burdens or light,
But a mom's arms are best when they're hugging you tight.

-Hands:  A mom's hands keep busy throughout the long day.
Preparing meals and cleaning away,
Whether mending a shirt or wiping a tear.
Whenever I need help, my mom's hands appear.

-Shoulders:  Though she might not have the broadest of shoulder,
They're able to lift some of life's heaviest boulders.
Moms are able to share your worries with care,
And when you need a good cry, her shoulder's always there.

-Face:  Obedient to the Lord, Mom's face is a sample
Of a life time of service and good example.
the laughter and joy lines make it special, you see,
for each one was put there by children like me.

-Eyes:  Her eyes shine with pride over each child's good deed,
Though sometimes a tear may slide down her cheek.
With protecting care they watch me at play,
And seek every chance to help me each day.

-Mouth:  From her mouth I hear stories of what Jesus would do.
She speaks words of truth and encouragement, too.
I love hearing her laughter and seeing her smile
You see, Mom's my best friend--and I like her style!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Clean as Earth Right After Rain

Week 1 of May:  As I Repent, I can be Forgiven.
For this singing time you will need:
~6 rocks with a number or song written on it with permanent marker.

Find some middle sized rocks and write a number or song on each of them.
Mix up some thick mud and cover the rocks.  (Fun!)
 Let them dry over night.
 Bring your dirty rocks to singing time and display them on the table with a bowl (or glass) of water.
Let a child choose a rock and dunk it into the water.  Have them wipe away the dirt and reveal the song underneath!!!  Sing that song.

At the end of singing time be sure to relate this to baptism and forgiveness.  As we are baptized and partake of the sacrament, we can be CLEAN as Earth Right After Rain :)


I Like to Look for Rainbows

This cute rainbow is made from colored paper.  All you need is a white cloud and some colorful paper cut into strips.  There are several ways you can incorporate rainbows for this week....

~Make a small version of this rainbow and play 'I Like to Look for Rainbows'!!! (Hot n' Cold).  Other versions to "shake up" the game hot n' cold are to sing quiet when the "seeker" is near the rainbow and loud when the seeker is far away (instead of the opposite), or have the children stand up tall and stretch their arms to the ceiling as the finder gets close - when they are far away, the children scrunch down low.

~Make 6-8 of these rainbows and scatter them around the room.  Let a child go pick one and have a song to sing on the back.

~Have 6-8 of these scattered around on a large chalkboard (or wall).  On each cloud write a key word from the song, 'When I Am Baptized'.  As you sing the song, let one or two children come up and see if they can get all the words in the right order.  Here are some examples of key words:  Rainbows, Rain, Ponder, Beauty, Earth, Clean, Life, Earth, Best, God....

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is coming up and how fun would these hats be to bring to Primary?
Place 6-8 hats on your table and call up a child to choose one.  Each hat represents a song to sing and you can let that child stay up by you and sing while they wear the hat!