Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh Say Can You... Sing?

We {LOVE} July!!!!  Not only because both our birthdays are in July but because we love the holidays as well!!!

Here is a list of different fun ideas you can do for INDEPENDENCE DAY:

 ~U.S.A. - U Sing Awesome.  Pass out these badges at the end of singing time for a singing job well done!  Click here for the original idea from Beehive Messages

~Pin the Star on the Flag - Blind fold a child and let them guess where the star should go (let them stick it on with tape or stick tac).  After they have guessed, sing a song.  See who can get the best placement!!!  You could also just pull a star off (or put them on) and sing a song that is on the back.

~Target Lead Stick -  Here's an easy and fun lead stick to make for this week.  It's made from a Target grocery bag!!!  How cool is that?!?  For instructions on how to make one, click here.  You can also use a mini flag to lead with.  I like to "watch for reverent helpers" to help lead for me during the next song.

 ~Flag Meter - This is a cute flag singing meter to use while your children are singing.  The better they sing, the higher it goes!  If you want to make your own, click here and click here.

~Confetti Poppers - Buy 12 little confetti poppers (6 for Senior and 6 for Junior).  Take out the little cardboard piece at the bottom and place a slip a paper with a song title in there, and then put the cardboard back on.
Tell your children at the beginning for singing time that you are going to have fireworks in Primary!!!Choose a child to come up and let them pull the string and then find the song title in the confetti.  I've done this idea just about every year with my kids and they love it! My kids always wonder how I got the song to be in it!  I found this idea off Sugardoodle.  Be sure to have a trash can near!

~OR.. you could make your own! I must admit, these are WAYYYYY cuter looking.
For instructions on how to make them, click here.  And if you don't have any scrapbook paper click here for free paper from Martha Stewart.

~State Quarters - Display a collection book/map of all the states and their quarters.  Lay 6-8 other state quarters on the primary table.  Call up a child to come pick a quarter and see if they can match it to the one on the U.S. country map.  Once they have found it (with a little help, I'm sure), tell them some interesting facts about that state and then sing a patriotic song!

Hopefully one of these ideas will inspire you for your singing time!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Safari Wild About Primary

This is a fun idea to help review the Primary Program songs.  Put several zoo animals around the room with a song on the back.  You can have TP binoculars for each child (or just the ones you call up).

Play like 'I Spy' and read animal facts about an animal.  Have the children decide which animal you are describing and then have them go find the animal.  Sing a song that is on the back.  To make it more fun, you can sing it like that animal.  Ex:  Sing LOUD like a LION, STRETCH your necks while you sing like a GIRAFFE, make a TRUNK like an ELEPHANT, JUMP up and down like a KANGAROO, etc... 

Here is a PDF of the animal facts that they can guess the animal from.


Modesty Dress Up

June week 4:  When I dress modestly, I respect my body as a gift from God.

Lay different articles of clothing on your primary table (absurd, funny, crazy, wacky articles:)).
Let a child come pick one article and YOU have to put it on!!!

Trust me, they LOVE this kind of stuff.

  The children will love this especially when you get to the end of singing time and you have 2 hats on, leading with gloves, wearing shoes too big.

Sing a song for every article you put on.  And most important, HAVE FUN!!!

Bear your testimony at the end about how it is important to dress modestly.

Wacky Fashion

If you're looking for a cute singing time about modesty, check out the Wacky Fashion Show found on Sugardoodle.  Check it out here and you can convert it to work for your singing time!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day

Stake Conference is this weekend.  But we wanted to make sure you were left with an idea.  So here is a fun card to make for Father's Day!!! We saw this cute idea on Pinterest.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Super POP!!!

This singing time is sure to keep their attention!!!  What child doesn't LOVE suckers????  and their POPS (dads)????

Print out this page and cut out the super hero logos.  Attach the logo to a piece of felt cut in the shape of a cape.  Punch a hole and put a sucker in it.

Display 6-8 of this SUPER POPS on the table.  Choose reverent children to pick one and sing a song.  For each child have them tell the Primary what makes their dad/grandpa SUPER!!!  Let them keep the sucker and at the end let every child have one (make enough according to the size of your primary).  Have them give them to their dads for Father's Day!!!

Hey YOU!!! Yeah, YOU!!!!!
Check out our other posts for this week!!!  ciao!


Stached under the stache

Draw different faces on white paper plates with a  permanent marker.  Add a brownie for the mustache with a song written underneath it.  Call up a child and have them choose a plate.  With their hands behind their back, have them pick up the mustache (brownie) with their mouth, revealing the song to sing underneath!!!  Yummy...

You can also choose a child to come and help lead the song with a mustache!

Here and here are the PDF of these, as my husband would say, "AWESOME" mustaches.

My Dad is my Friend

Here are some cute and easy Father's Day ideas from the FRIEND that we thought would be fun for singing time next week!!!

Hats on for Dad and Grandpa by Julie Wardell June 1990  (PDF here)   
Choose different hats and place them on dad's or grandpa's head!  For each hat, sing a song and have them say something that they love to do with their dad/grandpa!!!  

and FATHER by Mary Jane Davis June 1984 (PDF here)
Scatter the puzzle pieces around the primary room.  Let one child find a piece and place it on the board.  Sing a song for each puzzle piece and have the child say something they love about their dad/grandpa.  Let the children assemble the puzzle as more pieces are found!!!

Piggy Bank

 This is a great Singing Time to help your children learn about tithing!!!  I used this idea last year...

Put 10 gold dollars (I used Chucky Cheese coins for the pic) on the table.  Lay them out and let them count them with you.  Put your piggy bank on the chalkboard (tape or magnet).  Choose a reverent child to come pick one of the coins.  Let them put the coin in the piggy bank and then sing a song.  My kids always wondered how the coin didn't fall out :)  The secret is to put a zip lock in the back (taped on).

When my kids were being a little wiggly, I picked up the coins and jingled them in my hands and walked around the room. "Looking" around the room for the next gold coin picker, somehow makes them sit up straight :)

Try to get all 9 coins in the piggy bank and save the tenth coin.  With the that coin, put it in a tithing envelope and tell the children that a tenth of your earnings always is paid to the Lord and to give it to your Bishop!!!

My piggy bank was traced on scrapbook paper, but here is PDF if anyone would want it.  It was a fun singing time.  Good luck!!!