Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All You Need to Know...

All you need to know, you learned from Primary Music!!!

          You lived in heaven,
Families can be together FOREVER,
Pray He is there-Speak He is listening,
Reverence is more than just quietly sitting,
I BELONG to the Church of Jesus Christ
           of Latter Day Saints,
       Bring the World His Truth,
   I’ll be a Sunbeam for Him      
         Love One Another,
       The Temple  is a Holy Place
where we are sealed together, have Faith,
     You want your life to be clean
          and live with God again,
        Search, Ponder and Pray,
        Follow the Prophet,
           Give, Oh, Give
    Keep the Commandments,
Be like the Wise Man, GO and DO as the
Lord Commands, The Scriptures have POWER,
          My body is a Temple
Stand for the Right, Saturday is a special day,
   Once there was a Snowman,
       And you are all made of Hinges..
But most importantly, you are a CHILD of GOD
      And Heavenly Father Loves YOU!

For the PDF of this original poem by my mom and I, click here :)

When writing this poem we honestly felt that this was all the children needed to know and remember throughout their life.  As music leaders we also need to always remember these simple truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Young or old, we need to live the basic gospel principles and remember that we are LOVED.
We all need help and support from others along our path of life.  Many other bloggers have helped us along our way as being Music Leaders.    Just a spark of inspiration can go a long way and help lift us up for the next weeks adventures!  Here is a list of our favorite primary blogs that have helped us along our road:

Feel free to comment below this post if you have any other blogs that you like to look at for primary music inspiration!!!

and ooooooone last blog..... 


It might save you some time and confusion...

See you there!!!

~iheartprimarymusic (truly and always)


  1. Oh no! I'll miss all of your fun primary ideas, but I can't wait to see what you do in RS! Good luck in your new callings!


  2. This is super cute, love all your ideas-good luck in your new callings.

  3. Thank you so much for posting your favorite blog list. I am so grateful to all of you that post your ideas and thoughts and so willingly share. What a life saver. I have started a simple Facebook group where hopefully all us choristers can join together and discuss ideas, link to blogs, post helpful ideas, etc. Please everyone join! The more of us the better!! So many of us know of hidden treasures (like the blogs above) that are life savers! The group is It is private so you will just need to ask to join. Thanks again1!!

  4. What a darling idea! Thank you for sharing.

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  6. One that I love that I don't think I saw on there is called There is some great stuff on there!

  7. First of all, I would like to thank you so much for your blog list - it was what I used to start building what I think is a wonderful network of resources! Second of all, thank you again for helping to inspire all of us - including commenter above; Debbie Gisle - who has created one of the very best facebook groups ever. And third - thank you, thank you for this very sweet poem. I have taken the liberty to put it in word and go crazy with text effects and fonts. I hope it is okay that I did that and that also I have posted it on my blog. I would normally ask for permission first, but it is hard to describe without showing:
    if that is not okay with you, I will take it down immediately.
    But thank you so much for being such a great inspiration! Oh, and I didn't have your names, so I just credited it as "Sister Murray"

  8. Here are a few blogs I have used that are not on your list: (click on LDS then Music Time)

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